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Finally got back to doing conventions this weekend, with CelestiCon in Fremont, CA. Here's a glimpse at some stuff we had on the table.


Most of what we had this weekend was scratch-built, or kit-scratched, which is I guess what you would call it when you borrow one piece from a model (like a GW crater) and scratch build on top of it. Not quite a kitbash.


But anyway, most of it was just made by hand.







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COOL STUFF...especially the Mushroom Bungalows & the Contagious Goo piece! GREAT WORK!


I'll add some close ups of the mushrooms and a few other pics of my secret weapon (evil stasis tubes) later on. 


YES!...one can never have too much Mushroom inspiration; can one?

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Stasis Tubes!! I called these "Poor Schmucks," as in, some poor schmucks were captured and stuck inside awful glass tubes for some horrible, inexplicable purpose. I guess those meddling kids meddled one time too many. These were a sudden inspiration during the con. I had been messing with some clear tubing, and had fooled around with the idea in the past. But we were selling well enough that I needed to get more on the table, and what better way than to challenge myself to bringing some crazy idea to fruition in quick time? As a result, these were done up in spare moments stolen over the course of a couple days, which is why they look somewhat crude and a bit messy. But again, proof of concept. I learned enough to have a solid idea of how to make them clean and mass produce them with relative ease. And did I mention, they sold out almost as soon as they hit the table?




By the way: all these zombie parts are bits of Mantic models I happen to have in abundance all over the house.


Thanks for looking!

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Cool stuff!!! I really like the 'kit scratched' GW crater terrain, and the Smurf Village mushroom houses are very cool!

You know what's funny is, I collected Smurfs when I was a kid, and I never got to have the mushroom house due to it taking more of my allowance than I was willing to part with. But in all the time I was making those houses and painting them, I never once made the Smurf connection. Until finally, somebody at the con shouted, "Look - Smurf houses!"


Until that moment I just figured some gnome lived there.


But they do look just like those Smurf houses. Paging Dr. Freud!

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