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Pathfinder: From Shore to Sea

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Pathfinder Module by Paizo

Level 6

Author: Brandon Hodge



Valen Faldar, Aasimar oracle - Nightyknight

Ronn, Swann's Son, Half-orc barbarian - Marvin

Eligos Cairn, Tiefling sorceror - Styates

Halbjorn Einarsson, Dwarf ranger - Qwyksilver

"Zazakan, gnome rogue" - ShadowRaven




The adventure begins on the western coast of the nation of Cheliax, specifically near the small coastal town of Blackcove & the Hellmouth Gulf. Hellmouth Gulf is a large bay on Cheliax's western coast on the Arcadian Ocean. It runs from Cape Kraken in the south to the Sallow Coast in the north. The islands of Thuryan & Bog Rock lie off of the coastline.Blackcove is a small isolated fishing village. It keeps to itself & if not for maps showing where it is, it would probably be forgotten. Dark sand & sharp rocks cover most of the bay's beaches, & the water often carries with it a sulfurous smell. Most travelers avoid the waters of Hellmouth Gulf, as the coastline is known for sharp rocks that lurks just below the waterline, silently waiting to destroy a ship's hull. Fortunately for land travellers a small road runs parallel to the gulf. It is believe the coastline was created by the cataclysmic events of Earthfall in -5293 AR


The weather is typical for a coastal setting in Rova (September). The winds are howling, blowing up the dark sand on the ground & into the air. A storm is brewing in the bay & it's heading your way. A low fog hangs along the shore, refusing to release its grip in the pervasive gloom of an overcast morning. The surf crashes against nearby cliffs & the cold wind carries a spray of fine mist.


Suddenly shouts of pain echo in the air & the source of these shouts are a fisherman in a old rowboat. He wield a broken oar against a enormous crab! The man struggles to reach the rocks & the safety of a small inlet nearby. If the party doesn't intervene, the crab will probably win.

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Eligos releases his spear from the straps holding it up his back a swiftly trots towards the beleaguered fisherman. He bellows a war-cry as he gets closer in order to draw the crabs attention away from it's prey. 

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"Crab legs for everyone!!!!" came Zazakan's own 'battle cry' as he unslung and his crossbow "I hope there's plenty of butter...oh and sage maybe a bit of thyme"

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As the fog lifts you see the man in the boat more clearly now. The party can discern he is about 60 feet away. Between him & the party is the following terrain:


A 30 foot wide stretch of sand beach that breaks up into a 20 foot wide zone of hazardous rocks (dense rubble).


The boat is floating 10 feet from a termination of this rock outcropping.


While the party doesn't know the depth of the water for information/game info it's 10 feet in depth.


The man finally sees the party & he struggles to reach down into the boat & throw a rope onto the land but as he does the giant crab gets a claw in & knocks the man to the ground. Your not sure how much longer he has.


Everyone rolls initiative!

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OOC Eligos' Initiative Roll 4+3=7 (ah, the d20 likes me as much as usual) edited to reflect the plus 3 that I forgot that I have. Take that Mr. Crabbypants!

Edited by styates

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OOC (if I use my water walk ability do I bypass the difficult terrain?)

It'll work. It's normal terrain for you.

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(Init: d20 + 4 = 17


Did Ronn check out okay?)



You're good!




I'll have a map up tomorrow sometime. (thou not like this will be a very long fight of course...)

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First off I apologize for the lengthy delay on this one. As I said in anther gaming post on here, really haven't been a game mood the last few days & it has affected my pbp posting here. I'm on vacation once I clock off from work in the morning so I'll be up for all of my games. I'm trying something different for this one, thanks to really no combat maps in the module. I'm drawing them up on either gaming paper or flip maps & using minis, like we were at the table.


I'll have everything done up & posted tomorrow morning or in the afternoon. I  do want this done in the morning so I'll try my best to get it done.


Also the crab got a 12 on the Init check.



Zazakan your first once the map is up.

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