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I still have one of these from back in the day. I know how tiny they are! You killed it on the painting. I might have placed the riders more in the middle of the wolves ' backs, but they look good the way you've done them. Bravo!

Thanks much and I agree about the goblins riding a bit farther back. Sadly Super Glue has done its work all too well and those little beasties aren't moving anywhere....

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Your color pallet on this is awesome. The wolves, especially, look like watercolor illustrations; like paintings, almost, rather than painted items, if that makes sense.

I was going to say that too. I like how they are out of the saddle. It looks like an freeze frame of a combat action shot. Nice models too, these wolves look better than the ones in the Conan kickstarter. Great job on the eyes, that third one up from the bottom is looking right at ya!

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Wow! Talk about a blast from the past. These are wonderfully painted and nicely based.

In fact I'd say these are the nicest paint jobs I've ever seen on these particular minis.

Well done!


I only ever painted my wolves and have used them in many many gaming encounters over the years. The goblin imps should still be in one of my storage drawers.

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Awesome paint job!  You did a spectacular job on the goblin skin tones and wolf fur, and made the wolves look alive and real!  I think I actually have these wolf riders and have had them unpainted for over 15 years.  I bought them long before I ever considered painting miniatures.  They are small.  I hadn't even noticed all this detail until I saw your paint job.  I may have to try painting them sometime soon.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love love love seeing these oldskool minis get sweet modern paint jobs!!  These guys look fantastic and I can't WAIT to get the rereleased goblins from the kickstarter!  I love the muted-yet-colorful tones you chose.


Also, FWIW, if I were a small goblinoid riding a wolf with no saddle, I think I'd sit at the shoulders as well.  These wolves aren't using a nice smooth gait like a horse would, so I think the shoulder area is the most stable, and you've got all that extra scruff fur to hang on to.

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