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The travels of Sir forscale and friends (Box of Goodwill) Round 3 arrival departure thread NO CHATTER


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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 3 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:




DSmiles---sent Sept 23

DonTheDime--Received Sept 26 Sent Oct 3

DogBL--Received Oct 6, Sent Oct 13.

Klarg1--Received Oct 19 Sent Oct 26

Morihalda--Received Oct 29, Sent Nov 6

Chris Palmer--Received Nov 9 Sent Nov 12

Genghis Sean--Received Nov 14, Sent Nov 30

Melkavar--Received Dec 4, Sent Jan 4

OneBoot--Received Jan 6


Bonwirn--Sent Sept 21

WyvernFire--Received Sept 24, Sent Oct 1

UltraSquid--Received Oct 5, Sent Oct 13.

Talespinner--Received Oct 14

KangaroRex--Received Nov 7, Sent Nov 17

BuckyBall---Received Nov 19, Sent Nov 27

Kadence--Received Dec 2, Sent Dec16

Fanguad--Received Dec 21, Sent Feb 12

Marvin--Received Feb 16


Ub3r_N3rd sent Sept 10.

BeowulfTheHunter---Received Sept 13, Sent Sept, 15th?

Pingo-Received Sept 17, Sent Sept 28

Inarah--Received Sept 30, Sent Oct 8.

DavidBrawley--Received Oct 10, Sent Oct 24

Wolfie907-Received Oct 29, Sent Oct 31

IzzyLobo--Received Nov 3, Sent Nov 13

Wargamer--Received Nov 14, Sent Nov 16

Marineal--Received Nov 19, Sent Dec 1

Chaos Wolf--Received Dec 8


FroggyTheGreat--Sent Sept 19

Fishnjeeps--Received Sept 22 Sent Oct 21

SGHawkins09--Received Oct 24, Sent Nov 6

GenericFighter--Received Nov 7 Sent Nov 20

FlameHawke--Received Nov 23, Sent Dec 18

Matbar-Received Dec 21, Sent Jan 15

Talae-Received Jan 19 Sent Feb8

Marsya--Received Feb 11, Sent Feb 20

TiniestRhombus--Received Feb 22



OneBoot--Sent Oct 3

Robinh--Received Oct 9

Jasperthe 2nd--Received Oct 15 Sent Oct 24

Loim--Received Nov 2, Sent Nov 10

JCG-Received Nov 13, Sent Nov 25

NomadZeke--Received Nov 28, Sent Dec 21

HornedTurtle--Received Dec 22

Hibou--Received Jan 2, Sent Jan 8

DSmiles--Received Jan 11


Marvin-sent September 16

Pcktlnt--Received Sept 18, Sent Sept 30

DrBedlam--Sent Oct 7

TGP--Received Oct 10, Sent Nov7

VonKrieger--Received Nov 9,Sent Dec 14

Drusander--Received Dec 20, Sent Dec 22

UlfHeathen--Received Dec 24, Sent Feb 8

Tarsemina-Received Feb11

Bonwirn--Received Mar 14


Chaos Wolf-Sent Sept 23

SamuraiJack--Received Sept 26, Sent Oct 1.

Aryanun-Received Oct 5, Sent Oct 13

RobDean--Received Oct 15, Sent Oct 26

Arc724--Received Oct 29, Sent Nov 2

MissMelons--Received Nov 4, Sent Nov 16

RedAmbrosia--Received Nov 23, Sent Dec 2

AlexGates--Received Dec 4, Sent Dec 21

Dilvish the Deliverer--Received Dec 24, Sent Jan 2

Ub3r_N3rd--Received Jan 4


Thes Hunter--Sent Sept 19

Sirithiliel-Received Sept 21, Sent Sept 23

HungerFan--Received Sept 25, Sent Oct 5.

RGTriplec-  (had to drop out)

TerminalMancer--Received Oct 7, Sent Oct 12?

Keianna--Received Oct 17, Sent Oct 26

Korimar-Received Oct 31, Sent Nov 7


FroggyTheGreat---Received Nov 28

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