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It fills me with unbelievable happiness that the color for my House is my most favoritest color. And that my name is in said color at the bottom of whatever page I'm on. IT WAS MEANT TO BE :wub:


Currently procrastinating tomorrow by staying up late, despite previous attempts proving to be unsuccessful. I hold out hope that one day, I shall succeed.  :upside:



--OneBoot :D

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Is it possible to pick a house, get the color, but keep the Bones tag?

No. It's one or the other if you want to join a house. No need to make Bryan work harder on something he did for fun for us.


@Dave — add bones tags to your sig FTW?

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Nice to see the houses up.


Sign me up for House of the Snail!


If you want of course I mean it's not like I'll be using for anything anytime soon........


You'll need to send Bryan a PM, but WELCOME!! :D


Here, you can help me rejuvenate my paint that might not be saveable since it's been sitting for so long... unused... *tosses some Reaper Pro Paint to be shaken!!*



It might take me some time to even pick up a bottle of paint thou. It's prob best that you find teens looking for work to help shake em for yah ::):


Already sent Bryan a PM before I posted.



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Wish we could have a house for us beginners. I would like to suggest something like "Ubernoobs" as the house name. Barbarians not withstanding.

Doesn't take that long to get to 1k posts, especially now that Bryan changed the off topic section back to count towards the totals.

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