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hmm.. nothing yet..

but I keep looking at those bombshell babes...

and I need stirges. 

The babes look good to me as well, and well WE ALL need more stirges!

They hunt in packs (flocks?) you know!





Grats on your Apotheosis!

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Hmmm.. Somehow I feel like a dark overlord has succeeded in dividing us..

United we stand, divided we fall.

This way we might be easier to control?


One house for those who collect

One house for those who convert

One house for those who paint and play

One house for those who take their time


One house to rule them all...


Maybe this dark overlord wears a hat?

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My favorite color is green, so procrastius almost won.

Green is one of the holy colors of House Procrastius.


Green, the color of Green Stuff, the color of creation, the color of masters hoping to one day receive glorious layers of paint.


[Reaperites: What about Procrastrius' other color, Grey?]


Grey, the pure color of metal forged (poured?) from the hand of the great makers. Enduring. Near eternal. It carries with it the weight of dreams. Dreams yet to be realized, dreams of masterpieces, masterpieces that will themselves spawn dreams in others.


Procrastrius is the House of HOPE, the House of DREAMS!






But first, I have this show on my PVR that I really want to watch. Everyone's talking about it and I got a couple of episodes all lined up for me to binge watch.

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