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I will post my choice to byran and lets see where that takes me!

When I sort, I put you in the house with the fewest members. You are now a Frogwarts, which as of this sorting is now tied for 2nd place.


The current rankings are:

Figmentius: 6 members

Frogwarts: 5 members (was at 4 before you)

Tabletop: 5 members

Procrastinus: 5 members

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Point of order:  I can, but it's really really HARD.   And I claim Head of Frogwarts.  I won't fight you for it, but I can ask politely and/or nag incessantly as may befit the situation.  As a last

I like him.   He "gets" us.

Surely Froggy is head of Frogwarts.  I'm not even sure he can assemble a miniature without modding it.

I haven't even cracked the bones 2 core set yet.  in terms of numbers of minis, the very large majority of my minis collection is prepaints for several games.  after that is completely unpainted stuff, followed by stuff in various amounts of completeness and lastly some stuff good enough for table top.

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Hmmn.  Must consider.  I do like my little bones badge.  All I do is put fancy bases on things.  Which house is that? :lol:

Probably Frogwarts. 


But the bases and the minis has to be bought right?



It's still modifying the original in some way and making it tell a story in the process. 

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