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IhavenopunforSeptember Resolutionary Painting Challenge!

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Life has been crazy and I've barely had time to do any painting or anything! I haven't even taken pictures of last month's challenge pieces. Sheesh, I'm such a loser.


Anyway, in the spirit of our challenge for this month, I present to you my "unique" minis:

1: Jumble of bits that is supposed to be Runelord Krune

2. Xanesha, Lamia Matriarch (not as nice as DKS's, but it'll do)

3-22: 20 assorted boxes, barrels, crates, and jars. 4 of each, so there are 5 unique things here? I guess?


I'm good at following challenges.  :upside:

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It seems I fell off the wagon between August and September. But I did manage to finish my exchange miniature, so I did not meet the minimum but I did manage two minis.


1 & 2 Fall Exchange piece featuring Reaper's Hannah Blackruby and Dark Sword's kitty http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64803-fall-exchange-for-inarah-03329-hannah-blackruby-female-wizard/



September total : 2 

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I probably won't get to posting the new one till Saturday anyways, so if you need a couple days to knock out more, hey go for it

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It was hard to find time to paint this month. These guys were rushed but they got done at least!


1. Sheep

2. Witchfire (Bones Fire Elemental without wings)

3-4. Angels of Sorrow


Show off threads to come later after they are sealed, but here is a group pic.






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    • By Maledrakh
      Paintedfor a painting league in another forum: 

      "Bring Out Your Dead!"
      I envision this as a wandering band who collects the dead. Sometimes they need to make ther cargo dead first. Being death warmed over themselves, they do not know what else to do with their unlives.
      lots more pictures beneath the click:

    • By Maledrakh
      The chibi smallworld minis are all based on existing normal minis in the Reaper lines. I recognized five of them from the minis I have from earlier Bones kickstarters, but not Arnise the female barbarian elf that I painted the other day.
      The reason being that the original was included in the Bones 4 core set. An older metal mini being redone into Bones material it seems.

      So I painted her in a similar scheme.

      The metal version is called Arnise, Elven Sergeant from the Warlord line, and represents the Sergeant of Almirithil's frenzied half-elven berserkers in the Warlord lore.

      Why hello there, you remind me of someone I once knew...
      B4Core #95 Arnise, Elven Barbarian 
      from the Female Fighters subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Werner Klocke
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      Plonking away a the Bones 4 core set, this is number 5:
      I am not a number! I am a free man!
      The metal version of this is called Ankoa, Barbarian Hero.
      He has a really small head compared to most of the other minis. I expect he is not too bright. Probably not destined to bear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow.

      There's a new playah in town! Come get some!
      B4Core #5 Barbarian
      from the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      AUGH! The Great Pumpkin Came!
      This was my entry in a painting league at another  miniatures forum.
      In reference to the longstanding Peanuts theme of Linus sitting alone in the Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come bringing gifts, Santa Claus-style.

      It's a pity for him that Halloween is all about the scary...and the Great Pumpkin probably is not a very nice being.
      The miniatures are all by Reaper, the fences are from Mantic's Kings of War Vanguard terrain. I found the simplicity of the fences really helped to sell the story here. As one of the commenters in the LPL-post stated: "Less is more".
      Lots more pics, but yah gotsa clicks!

    • By Maledrakh
      The second of the superdeformed Chibi hero minis from the Bones 4 core set that I have painted, here comes Arnise the Elf Barbarian.
      Kissed by fire.

      I have no idea if she actually is meant to be a barbarian or not.

      Getting that much skin smooth is not an easy task, especially not by drybrushing. ...oh damn I forgot the freckles!

      Same height, different scale.
      B4Core#118 Arnise
      from the Small World Heroes subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Gene Van Horne (I think!)
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      25mm integral, sculpted base
      should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
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