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IhavenopunforSeptember Resolutionary Painting Challenge!

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I've stumbled out of my post-dragoncon coma long enough to get this up. Y'all have fun.


Please see page 1 here for rules and guidelines/questions. This is also the chatter thread here:



a reminder when submitting to please adhere to the forum show off guidelines. This is a much bigger challenge than I expected and it makes life easier for the mods


Also, please only create a single index post for your links. This means to modify your existing post when you get a new figure finished instead of posting a new one.

This month's challenge is: 4

Bonus Challenge is:

No Duplicates! (For clarificaiton, this is to say two of the exact same figure or such. They can be 4 orcs,but all must be different, should you accept this challenge.



The deadline Is planned for October 1, Midnight, RST. (Reaper Standard Time).


4 for the exchanges, something new to try
12 for the monsters, who in the dungeons moan
7 for the competition, to please the judges eye
19 for the table top, which will set the tone
9 for the players, doomed to see their characters die
One for the master painter on his ergonomic throne
In the well lit studio where no shadows lie
one tag to hue them all, one tag to bind them
one tag to bring them all and in the forum find them.
In the well lit studio where no shadows lie


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1. Undertaker [Conversion] to Treasure Hunter (Show-Off)
2. Alistrilee (Show-Off)
3. Ogre Chieftain (Show-Off)
4-6. Sir Titus, his 'Horsey', and the mounted Sir Titus as Crusaders Adept (Show-Off)

7-8. Beetle Swarm (Show-Off)


Already lost the bonus challenge due to so many repeats, but all this stuff was in my queue next so no helping it.

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I'm already done, thanks to Inarah's painting binge from last weekend. Place holder for pics; hopefully tonight or this weekend. This week has been pretty hectic and I haven't really had time/felt like taking any pics yet.


1&2 15mm Aztecs as fey:



3 Ogre Ravager (DDM repaint):



4 Repainted Mage Knight orc:



And there's September done, with the challenge completed. Anything else is just gravy (and there will be more)

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(Aaaaand that bonus is already blown. Painted some dupes before i saw that.)



2: Those Yellow Stranglers!


6: Tentacles


6: Alternative Tentacles


1: It slimed me!


1: Lil' Devil


1: The Creature from the Black Latrine


5: Mostly Dead Cowboys


10: Ack Ack Ack Ack!


1; My name is Sebulba Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!



Painted so far this month:  33


Painted so far this year: 225

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1. Duergar Golem (02988)

2. Vrock (02532)

3. Exchange Mini- finished but still can't post (9/30) Pics posted 3 Nov Crystal Golem

4.     " Balto Burrowell

5       " Pillar of Evil

6. Duergar Cleric (02988)

7. Duergar Sergeant and 2 Troopers (all different) (02989)


My September Plans:

1. Finish Vrock (02532)

2. Duergar Golem (02988)

3. Duergar Cleric (02988)

4. Duergar Sergeant and 2 Troopers (all different) (02989)

5. Ral Partha Efreeti

6. Being able to post my exchange mini(s)  (?)

7. Derro Captain & Sorcerer (02944)

8. Derro Warriors [3] (0295)


On going projects:

1. DDS 2 Tower (Do you need a number? :devil: )

2. Her Darkness, Takhisis





Not much rhymes with September for jokes and or puns...


Duergar a little late but...

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My resolutionary goals for September

That seems to be enough for now




Try to remember a pun for September. When life was slow and oh so mellow.

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I will placeholder here since I have a good start already. Plans include some BGG minis and a set of pulp adventurers from Aztek that I have been Trying to find time to paint for a while now..


Well I didn't get what i planned to get done.  instead i finished the following:


1. Oxidation beasts   http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64580-77032-oxidation-beasts-fred-and-george/#entry1228260

2. Natasha Kurganova http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64581-natasha-kurganova-tgg-raging-heroes/#entry1228263

3. an alchemist pony http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64582-impact-miniatures-alchemist-pony/#entry1228270

4-35. the CAV Jellybean mercenary division http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64723-cav-jellybean-mercenaries-cav-ace-bones/#entry1233477

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1-3. Bugbears : Mogg, Kegg, Albino http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64214-bugbears-in-bones-mogg-kegg-albino/

4. Mushroom men : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64539-amethyst-deceiver-92822-mushroom-king/

5. Female Barbarian:  NSWF so no pictures. 


Start my first diorama:  Dragoth on throne, 3 others. (unfinished)

Edited by Evilhalfling
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I have several WIP, but nothing done so far this month. I am seriously slacking.

So, I didn't do show-offs for everything I've painted recently for some reason... but here's my links..


1. Exchange mini

2. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64425-03612-murlocs-on-parade/

3. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64424-they-have-a-cave-troll/

4. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64516-77374-barbarian/

Edited by Marineal
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Ten days!


Also a point of clarification on the bonus. Because the 'requirement' for the month is 4 miniatures. The "No duplicates" bonus is applies to those four. If you paint, say, 4 different figures, and then 4 more of the same CAV for instance, you'll still technically have completed the bonus. They don't have to be in chronological order of completion, but it's to get those who are guilty of "Just army paint four of the same guy" to expand a little bit.

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    • By Maledrakh
      The chibi smallworld minis are all based on existing normal minis in the Reaper lines. I recognized five of them from the minis I have from earlier Bones kickstarters, but not Arnise the female barbarian elf that I painted the other day.
      The reason being that the original was included in the Bones 4 core set. An older metal mini being redone into Bones material it seems.

      So I painted her in a similar scheme.

      The metal version is called Arnise, Elven Sergeant from the Warlord line, and represents the Sergeant of Almirithil's frenzied half-elven berserkers in the Warlord lore.

      Why hello there, you remind me of someone I once knew...
      B4Core #95 Arnise, Elven Barbarian 
      from the Female Fighters subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Werner Klocke
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      Plonking away a the Bones 4 core set, this is number 5:
      I am not a number! I am a free man!
      The metal version of this is called Ankoa, Barbarian Hero.
      He has a really small head compared to most of the other minis. I expect he is not too bright. Probably not destined to bear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow.

      There's a new playah in town! Come get some!
      B4Core #5 Barbarian
      from the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      AUGH! The Great Pumpkin Came!
      This was my entry in a painting league at another  miniatures forum.
      In reference to the longstanding Peanuts theme of Linus sitting alone in the Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come bringing gifts, Santa Claus-style.

      It's a pity for him that Halloween is all about the scary...and the Great Pumpkin probably is not a very nice being.
      The miniatures are all by Reaper, the fences are from Mantic's Kings of War Vanguard terrain. I found the simplicity of the fences really helped to sell the story here. As one of the commenters in the LPL-post stated: "Less is more".
      Lots more pics, but yah gotsa clicks!

    • By Maledrakh
      The second of the superdeformed Chibi hero minis from the Bones 4 core set that I have painted, here comes Arnise the Elf Barbarian.
      Kissed by fire.

      I have no idea if she actually is meant to be a barbarian or not.

      Getting that much skin smooth is not an easy task, especially not by drybrushing. ...oh damn I forgot the freckles!

      Same height, different scale.
      B4Core#118 Arnise
      from the Small World Heroes subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Gene Van Horne (I think!)
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      25mm integral, sculpted base
      should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
    • By Maledrakh
      A bit of a departure for me today. Chibi, a style formerly known as Superdeformed before Anime became popular in the western hemisphere.
      I am not particularily fond of Chibi; that superdeformed cutesy manga look that has insidiously permeated the pop culture of today. Sigh. What is the world coming to?
      Now they also have infiltrated my beloved Bones...
      During the Bones 4 kickstarter campaign, they offered chibi versions of some of their existing minis as free additions to the core set as social stretch goals, adding them one by one as their target numbers for facebooks shares, retweets, tagging pictures or other interactions on social medias were met.
      The full six chibi miniatures did end up In the Bones 4 core set. As I am sworn to do the entire Bones 4 core set, I am honour bound to paint them all eventually...gah!
      So...I painted the chibi Sophie for starters.

      Sophie the succubus is the Reaper Mascot of more than 20 years, and versions of her have beed used for promotions and to mark special occasions since way back when. She has had figures in every Bones kickstarter. In Bones 4 she had this chibi and also a normally scaled mini.
      I went for the classic red devil look, with the opaque but shiny black eyes that I find most fitting for devils and their ilk.
      Is it cheating to do the eyes in gloss black?

      ARRGH! A giant-headed devil woman! She must be put to the sword!
      B4Core#120 Sophie
      from the Small World Heroes subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Gene Van Horne (I stand corrected by Mr Bob Ridolfi, Sculptor Extraordinaire himself :) Thank you, Bob!)
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      25mm integral, sculpted base
      should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
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