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So What Have you Read Lately? And other favorite books!


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10 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

Finally finished reading Rhythm of War.  Enjoyed it completely, couple of really nice reveals near the end.  


I read that a little while ago too, loved it! I ought to read the Mistborn series next, haven't gotten around to that yet though I've been wanting to.

Currently I'm re-reading the Wheel of Time in anticipation of the new show. Just book one though, otherwise I'd probably still be reading by next ReaperCon :lol:

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On 9/24/2021 at 8:34 PM, mac.n.chee.mini said:


I read that a little while ago too, loved it! I ought to read the Mistborn series next, haven't gotten around to that yet though I've been wanting to.

Currently I'm re-reading the Wheel of Time in anticipation of the new show. Just book one though, otherwise I'd probably still be reading by next ReaperCon :lol:

Yeah, Stormlight is a great series on it's own, but it's also a huge payoff series for people who've read Brandon's other work.  

I can specifically point to allusions or characters from some of the Mistborn books (mainly later ones), as well as Elantris, warbreaker, Sixth of the Dusk, White Sands, and Shadows for Silence in the Forest of the Damned.

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 Just finished reading "The Fear and The Freedom" by Keith Lowe. Sub-titled: "How the Second World War Changed Us".


Unsurprisingly he concludes that it changed us massively, and continues to do so, often in unexpected and even contradictory ways. (Hence both fear and freedom in the title.)


The author explores the many aspects of this change by starting each chapter examining the life of a typical participant in the war. (A Hiroshima survivor, a wounded and decorated US serviceman etc.) and relating what they experienced, how it changed them at the time and continued to affect them throughout their remaining lives. Some of the outcomes are quite surprising. He then expands the discussion to show how the changes in these individuals were mirrored in their entire societies. 


 I found this very interesting and broadly agreed with the authors conclusions. But a word of warning; Mr Lowe does not hide the fact that his sympathies lie with what would be called the Liberal Left. Many will find that he is too lenient to the old Warsaw Pact countries and down-plays modern concerns about the new non-democracies.

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On 9/27/2021 at 3:58 PM, SotF said:

With the wargames atlantic lizardmen set giving me a few ideas, I'm making my way back through Turtledove's World War books...they're a LOT slower of a read than I remembered.

A lot of his books are but are worth it. Just remember that he didn't mean to be culturally relevant. :lol:

Also, you should follow him of Twitter, if you have it. He's fantastic. Also, he posts pictures of his cats.


I'm (still) trying to read the final book of the Finder's Stone trilogy from Forgotten Realms, but I just don't get excited by it. I don't know what it is but I just don't get into books like I used to...

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I finished reading The Sundering Flood by William Morris (1897, yeah, the Arts and Crafts Movement fellow) yesterday.  I feel like he and the pre-Raphaelites were this close to inventing roleplaying games sometimes …

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Sometimes I feel that I hate my need to finish things when reading.


A long while back a friend of mine was running a SpyCraft game she'd based off of the Anita Blake series though set elsewhere and I started reading the series...then the series went off the deep end from supernatural noir to insanity and I'd dropped the series long after the game ended. While moving things around to finish putting things back, I found my copies of the novels and started reading them again...and with most of what I did have missing, I found a good collection of the series on discount as ebooks for a collection purchase.


Then I hit the transition point there and an really regretting it but I keep going back to read onwards...

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I know the feeling with Hamilton's Antia Blake series, I enjoyed the early ones which were fun urban fantasy (and better than most), but I folded at Obsidian Butterfly although i've picked up a few of the later books when i could get them really cheap  and kind of want to know what happens i've never really felt the desire to read them as i fear i know what they'll be like


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I finished Garth Nix’s newest Old Kingdom book, Terciel and Elinor, on Friday.  The last couple of Old Kingdom books were so-so, but I thought this one was better.  It’s a direct prequel to Sabriel.

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Posted (edited)

So no. 


Can you let me know when you post your spam links? Thanks. 🙂


ETA: The spammer came back to post spam links but didn't let me know. 😞

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I was considering posting something here this week anyway, but to get back to the concrete, I have been reading a selection of Oxford Very Short Introductions (Napoleonic Wars, Trojan War, Ancient Near East, Homer, etc.). One may interpolate the miniature painting/ gaming value of that….


I also read a little Chinese-y fantasy novella called The Empress of Salt and Fortune (Nghi Vo), which has sent my son and I toward the rabbit hole of classical Chinese literature? Anyone ever read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms? (There could be miniatures for that, too…)


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