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Carp. I'm so tired of Mantic not being able to get a handle on organized shipping.

I don't back this but I did break down and back their recent scifi dungeon crawler so I'm not happy hearing about this.

This sort of stuff is exactly why I didn't back that. They also made a mess of my deadzone 2 order.

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I picked up my Wave 1 package last night, which had almost everything:  rule books, novel, dice, gaming mat (which is huge), and most of the miniatures.  I think the only things I'm waiting on are some vehicles in Wave 2.


The only downside is that the package was shipped to my previous address.  That may have been my fault for not updating my address in the Pledge Manager, but I went back to check and it looks like the original Pledge Manager link doesn't work anymore.  I've opened up a support request on this, but if anyone else has updated their address recently I'd appreciate knowing where it needs to be changed.


Edit:  I just wanted to add that my package came via FedEx, and I was provided a tracking number.  Mantic is definitely taking steps to ensure better awareness of packages being sent out, so kudos for that.

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I didn't back Warpath though, it seems like it's been taking exceptionally long to fulfill.


The original estimates on the pledges show September 2016, so... I guess it depends on expectations?


(I don't mind delays as long as we're still getting regular project updates, but I know timeliness counts for a lot more to some people.)

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