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77222: Aaron the Conjuror

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I started a new mini. One of my players is playing a fire genasi wizard. He is embracing the fiery aspect, specializing in fire based magic and took the elemental adept feat at level 4. So far he has been using a generic mage mini, but he wanted the flaming hair look. I thought I had a suitable mini with burning hair, but I couldn't find one. I did however find Aaron the Conjuror in the Bones II box.


He doesn't look anything like a genasi, and I have no idea if there is any way to make a flaming beard look good. Also, he has a big ponytail, another ridiculous idea if the hair is on fire. However, it's a great looking mini for a fire specialist, the summoned flames look fantastic. So, I decided to try and use him anyway. I'm expecting a train wreck, since I've never done a good job with flames, but I figured it would be a good learning experience whatever happens.


While I had the Bones II box open, I pulled out the HD paints to see if there was any inspiration to be had. I've never worked with the HD paints before, so I'd have a built in excuse if it turned out terrible. I decided to use Pale Saffron, Fireball Orange and Garnet Red for the flames, along with the non HD Linen White for the lightest portions. The first pass of the HD colours looked promising. The paints felt different to work with, but covered nicely and looked very vibrant.


I looked up some fire genasi. The skin colour varies greatly, but my favorite was a dark skinned one. I decided to try and paint the skin dark volcanic grey. I also decided to make the faces in the flames stand out. I painted the insides of the mouths red, used linen white for their teeth and gave them black eyes with blue pupils.


The next paint step was to wash the flames with linen white. It looked terrible. The linen white did not smoothly cover the darker colours at all. It wasn't so bad over the yellow though, so I repainted the orange and red.


I then tried to paint the skin. The first pass of Pure Black did not look good. And of course I messed up the eyes. I had planned on leaving the eyes a yellowish white without any pupils to look like the genasi was made of fire inside. It didn't look good so I went with a more traditional Linen White eye with black pupil. I mixed some Stone Grey with the black and painted over the skin a couple times. Then highlighted with stone grey.


So far so good. The hair does look silly, but not really terrible. It could definitely use some improvement if someone has a suggestion. The summoned flames look nothing like I intended, and not much like real flames, but since they are magical in nature, they have a built in reason to look a bit off. I like the look of the faces in the flames. Now I just need to decide on colours for his robes. The HD sets came with several blue and purple shades, so I will likely stick with them.


I think Aaron is a time traveler. On his left wrist is what looks to be a wrist watch.

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For the flames, the general model is to (first, look at a fire while painting them) conceptualize the fire as whitehot inside, fading through pale yellow, orange, to red, and finally smokey brown or black at the tips.  Not sure if there's a preferred direction for that.  Either start white and carefully wash out, or start red and highlight up to white.


On a side note, the eye I can see looks just fine.

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I base coated the rest of the figure. I am mainly sticking with the HD paints from Bones II, so I used Rich Indigo, Witchcraft Purple and Spruce Green. Plus Ruddy Leather for the brown bits.


I like the colours, but they are darker than I expected. I was planning on trying something a little different, using Ultramarine Shadow (non-HD) as a wash over both the Purple and Indigo (which looks very blue to me). I'm still going to do it, but I think it will wind up quite dark. I might need more than just highlights afterward. I've got some HD Blue Flame, it is really pale, I am planning on mixing it with the purple and Indigo for the highlights. I'm going to paint some gold trim on the tabard and the bracelet which should just about finish him off.

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I washed the Indigo and Purple with the Ultramarine Shadow. It looked really good wet, so I snapped a pic. It would be nice if I could freeze it like that, it'd make a good colour scheme for an aquatic themed mini. Ironic I got it painting a fire genasi. Although, I guess if he's always tossing fire based spells he might want some flame retardant clothes. It is also a lot darker than it was in the earlier pictures, it's just that this one came out a lot brighter as can be seen in the flames.


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I finished painting the robes and added some gold trim. I lost a bit of the blended effect from the wet pic I posted earlier. I'm going to have to try and capture that effect on purpose at some point, I really liked the way it looked. The Reaper HD Blue Flame worked great as a replacement for white to lighten the Indigo and Purple.


I used Reaper Antique Gold for the gold trim. It is a metallic paint, but it doesn't look very metallic. I'm probably going to coat it with gloss sealer to give it a shiny appearance. It's especially noticeable on the wrist band.


I am probably just about done. I need to do something for a base, but I don't have any fancy bases so I might just cut off the broccoli and put him on a simple black base. I don't think he'd look very good on the gravel+moss combo I usually use for bases. I guess I should have backed one of the bases kickstarters.

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 You could take some cork board, rip it into three or four parts, glue it to a base and paint it like cracked ground. Paint the cracks a light yellow and shade outwards to a darker red. Or you could just paint that right on the base, maybe use a knife to make the cracks.


 Or, what I would do if I didn't want to base, just paint the base like dark sand.


 Really like the fire though, I'm glad you didn't add any black tips, it never looks right and I wouldn't think it would smoke anyways.

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I don't have cork board, but I had an actual cork out of a wine bottle. I sliced off a layer and tore it into pieces. I picked one bigger piece that looked like it would support Aaron, and glued it down to the Reaper base as the main piece. The pieces turned out to be thicker than I was aiming for, but since I've never made one before I figured I'd go ahead with it anyway. Then I base coated it in Reaper Pure Black. So far so good, though the gaps looked a bit too big for the effect I was hoping for. The cork was very dense, so cutting it wasn't easy. As a result, there was quite the variance in the thickness of the pieces. I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not, but the tutorials seemed to say you want some really jagged bits, so I decided to leave them.


Next I picked my lava colours. Reaper Blood Red, Lava Orange and Sun Yellow. I started with a thick coat of Blood Red, and I really drowned it in paint to try and cover the black base. next was a mix of red and orange, and again I used a ton of paint. It looked good wet, so I took a photo before it dried.


It definitely lost something drying, but still looked okay. Next I layered orange, orange-yellow and yellow. It didn't turn out how I expected, but I like how it turned out. All I had to do now was drybrush some grey onto the black, and touch up the black I covered with some lava paint. Since I still had the Reaper Blue Flame on my desk, I used it to lighten up the black for drybrushing.


And it's done. I like how it turned out. I still have to see how it looks with Aaron attached, and I need to seal it. I am planning to try gloss coat for the lava and a flat coat for the rocks.


Thanks to Pochi for the lava base idea, and to zemzero for the cork suggestion.

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