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She Who Dances With Mouselings


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...I have come to realize that some of YOU people* have spouses who look at minis and stuff and think "Oh, wow, my spouse would love that," and be right about it... but even workin' on my fourth year with this lady, I'm still not used to that. It's a wonderful change of pace!


*Lookin' at those splendid Melons, but I know there are others.**


**Oh, ghod, that SO came out wrong. Meant, "I am thinking of the splendid Mr. and Miss Melons, but I know there are others."




Finding minis for people who love them and love to paint them if one does not do so oneself is kind of tricky.  What I've found works best is to see whether there are aspects of the mini that look like they would inspire lots of different ways to paint them or lots of things one could do to modify them.  That way the present isn't just the object but the inspiration as well. 

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I dunno. Perhaps it's because my ex found the whole thing baffling and expensive and pointless, although she respected my interest in it. But she regarded the whole thing as a weird, inscrutable geek thing, beyond the ken of anyone not on "The Big Bang Theory."

I'm not particularly inscrutable or incomprehensible. BRYAN, of all people, could probably pick out a mini I'd like, and he doesn't even wanna marry me. Or so he says, anyway. But my baby hits it out of the park, or at least gets VERY close, every single time. I'm not USED to that.

But I could get used to it.

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