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Hello all,


This is my first time in WIP area therefore I am rather excited  :blush:


Secondly I will be trying many new stuff and therefore truly in terra incognita here  :unsure:


So, here goes nothing:


I started with the base since I want a lava base and I want the rocky surface I will place my mini to reflect light coming from the lava.




I chose Vallejo Black Lava for my lava surface but regretted afterwards since I want still molten lava not cooled off lava that is more suitable for Black Lava.. However this is all I have and my local store is out of stuff like white/grey pumice :( 




But, I will try working with what I have and try to get a realistic look. 




This is all I have for now. Your comments are eagerly awaited and will be appreciated immensely since I really dont know what I'm doing :))) 

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What you have is a nice texture for lava. Just paint it white. a really bright white, then do a heavy dry brush of orange, making sure to leave some white showing, then a dry brush of red on the tippy tops. Leaving some orange showing. For the cork. Paint it black, dry brush dark brown, dry brush a mid brown, dry brush a light brown. It'll look like she's on a piece of floating cooled lava. Here's what it'll look like. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57143-77119-sinessa-hell-born-sorceress/


I haven't tried OSL yet for the reflective surface you want, but I'm sure someone will be around to take you through that process.


Hope that helps.

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Looks good thus far. Are you intending the chunk to be sort of an island of rock in the stream of lava? The superlatively diminutive geometroid has the right idea--although I'd probably work in some washes too.

Yes! Washes I forgot that part. Although to be honest I don't exactly remember what washes I used. It's been like 2 years. Also yellow before orange.


If I'm remembering correctly, I did glazes of each color to smooth the transitions. So a glaze of the yellow after the orange was applied then a glaze of orange after the red, then I did a a controlled wash of the white in the deepest parts. I think.

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I thank you all for your warm encouragements and great advice. All I could do for today was to prime the base white and tomorrow I hope to begin on the lava.






And yes, the cork is supposed to be an island or an out cropping of a rock that my mini will be standing on.. 


This is actually meant as practice for another piece I have in my queue, so the rock reflecting light from the lava is a pre-requisite :)

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Hello again,


Got some paint on the model finally and made some progress on the base:



Started with some yellow and orange drybrushing, I used Fluo yellow from Vallejo for a brighter effect.. 






Then dry brushed beastie brown up to black.. 






Then I pasted the lava on top of the cork but decided to leave a few dentures to give the impression of 'not-still-cooled-parts' of lava.. I may decide to omit them all together, not sure yet.. 






And finally drybrushed to base of the cork brown and touched up some fire orange to get the OSL effect.. 








My photography, as usual is not great since I am just using my mobile to take the pictures and there is still much touching up left but I wanted to get your opinions and advice upto this point.


Thx in advance..

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So, after some travelling and being swamped in work, I finally got more paint on my mini..


First, I decided to add another cooled off bit of lava since I wasn't very very happy how my lava base's molten part turned out. Then I pinned my mini to the base and decided to leave off the base as it is.. for now..






Then I started on the eyes and after 30+ attempts I decided to leave it at its current state and moved on to the hair and horns.. They'll need a little more glazing and washing but this is what I got so far:






Thanks for C&C as always.. 

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Hello again,


AS I said on my first post, this mini will be my stage for many firsts. And NMM is another first for me..


So, I decided to do NMM on her blades (the boots are Vallejo Gungrey, Natural Steel and Silver):







So, the question really is how should the light reflect on these blades.. Can some one please put me in the right direction?

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Ok, so I've done some research (after I attempted my NMM, duh :unsure: ..) and came up with these:






So, in all the examples the middle part seems to be shine.. however my edges seem to be too dark.. and they don't seem real therefore.. any ideas?

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Sorry can't help with the NMM. She's looking very good so far and I love how your lava turned out. The little piece of cork you added made a huge difference. It's amazing how something so simple can bring a base together innit? 


Thank you for the encouragement. 


I am still trying to puzzle out how to make the blades "look and feel real". I think I'll goo with lighter gray edges.. What I have is way too dark.. 


Another thought is I might draw an imaginary line across the blades (as in the first two dagger images) and thus emphasize the NMM.. Hmmm..  :rock:

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