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So I am trying to clean up my painting area so that I can fit my new air brushing station in somewhere I can use it without contortions, and I came across a chest of drawers that I used to store paints in.

As I am shifting away from GW paints to Scale 75, Vallejo, and Reaper, I thought that I could put them into the chest, still there if I need them and organized, but not sprawled all over the place.


So I took the drawers out and emptied all the old stuff onto a table, and started  checking to see if any were salvage-able.

To my surprise, out of 104 assorted bottles of paint, 62 seemed salvage-able, maybe. 42 are dead, dead, dead.

All the metallics were extinct, except for Ral Partha Silver...

Some of the bottles still had price tags on them, $1.99! wonder when I bought them all...

Between c1980 and 1990? When did Floquil stop making those things? And the Ral Partha's likely between 1989 and 1993?


Some one had recently posted that they experienced the same issue, and I am wondering if they were able to ressurect anything?


I normally use water and flow improver as my thinning agent, and have recently started experimenting with matte medium as well...


Anyone have some suggestion?



post-14271-0-38720400-1442170158_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-97740500-1442170163_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-89569000-1442170168_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-85608100-1442170181_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-50952400-1442170203_thumb.jpgpost-14271-0-95984500-1442170206_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-59104900-1442170213_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-33771600-1442170218_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-67254200-1442170222_thumb.jpg


Man, did they have interesting names for some of those Polly S paints! And odd ideas about colors and creatures!

Were flesh is a deep Grey, Dwarf flesh is a pale grey, Ogre flesh is almost aqua (maybe thy meant Merrow?) etc

One of the colors that I was able to salvage was my Goblin Flesh! It is an orange color, and all my goblins and hobgoblins have been painted in this color for 30 years! Don't plan on changing....


Thanks for the input all!





Is that the pitter patter of flat goblin feet sneaking around my paint vault I hear?????

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 It is seriously hard to truly kill old paints.


If they're not completely separated or dried into a hockey puck, adding in distilled water and mixing thoroughly with a toothpick, and adding a couple of agitators and shaking the hell out of them for an hour or so will more than likely bring them back to usable condition.


Any of the old paints that don't quite make it back in one piece can always be used for certain special effects, depending on how and how much the physical properties of it have changed. For example, I have a couple bottles of brown that had pretty much dried up, so I basically reground all the dried pigment as best I could and used the fairly lumpy texture for weathering effects now. Another bottle of a deep purple that lost all it's coverage is now basically a heavy wash... You just need to come up with new ways to use the colors if you can't get them back into good fighting shape.

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The only way you could set yourself up even more for those to be swiped is if you had a 1977 Trans Am outside with the keys in it.

A Trans AM????


I would rather park a '69 Shelby Mustang in my drive, thanks!





if you had that you'd be fine. Goblins don't care much for things that aren't 77' Trans Ams.

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