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Jordan Peacock

NCR Ranger & "The Kings" Ganger -- 80005, 80033, 80035

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Objective: Make minis to represent an NCR Ranger and a gang member of "The Kings" from "Fallout: New Vegas."


Initially, my plan was to use 80023 "Horace 'Action' Jackson" as the base for the King Ganger, and 80033 "Frank Buck" as the NCR Ranger.  There were two main problems with this plan:


1) "The Kings" as shown in Fallout: New Vegas, have a "greaser" look: leather jacket, slacks, optionally with a "Jailhouse Rock" striped shirt.  My "Elvis Impersonator" approach with Horace looks more "Late Elvis" or "Jumpsuit Elvis," circa the 1970s or thereabouts.  That's not really going to cut it.


2) I was going to use some putty to turn Frank Buck's jacket into a long duster, but the further I went (and once I bothered to actually get some visual references rather than drawing upon my VERY FLAWED MEMORY), it was obvious that I would have just as easily gone with a Reaper Dolly as a base as to start with this particular figure.


I happened to have a spare Andre Durand (or two -- it's just so perfect for several of the genres I favor), and the idea struck me to shuffle down the line.  80005 "Andre Durand" would become my NCR Ranger; his power fist would work all right in the Fallout universe, and the gun can be some customized job.  All I'd really need would be a head swap -- and for that, I used a spare helmet-and-gas-mask head from Wargames Factory's "Greatcoat Troops" boxed set: it has one canister air filter up front, two goggles, a helmet (though more Germanic than American, alas), and a seam in about the right spot to give it that vaguely "Stormtrooper/piranha frown" look that the NCR Trooper's facemask has above the filter canister.


Andre's spare head went onto the body of Frank Buck.  (And Frank Buck's head will eventually be used on some other figure down the line, I'm sure, next time I need a heroic-looking fellow with a fedora.  Hey, maybe a Tops gang member, if I can find a figure in a leisure suit.)  Now, Frank Buck (80033) is going to be my "King" Ganger, adding on the guitar from 50198 "Gallup, Zombie Survivor" in place of that machete.




I shaved off the whip and pistol holster early on in the process to make room for my attempt at a putty long-coat, before I'd decided to turn this into an Elvis wannabe.  I went a step further and shaved off some of the bumps that indicated pants stuffed into boots, so I could more plausibly present this as a fellow wearing shoes (blue suede shoes?) and slacks.  The guitar is pinned to the back, and I daubed pebbles of putty on top of the head and in place of the missing hand with some super glue, and made a hasty attempt at a pompadour and a hand (as appropriate).  I'm using Magic Sculpt because it's handy, and it cures quickly, but I know that for a PROPER sculpt of such features, I really should be using the green stuff.


For the guitar straps, I took some scraps trimmed off of the edges of some integral Bones plastic bases (where I needed to narrow them just a bit to fit into the recessed area of inverted 25mm round Reaper plastic bases), and cut off some strips, then tried to make them as even as I could manage.  I pinned the end of the strap onto the guitar bottom, so it'd look like an actual attachment and not just, well -- GLUE.



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Here's the NCR Ranger after some more work.  He's on the integral base for Andre Durand, but it's nestled inside another inverted 25mm round Reaper plastic base, with putty as gap-filler.


Now, about that dumpster in the background -- that's 80035, "Dumpster."  I keep talking about how I'm going to try making "realistic" rust effects using hair spray and salt, once I figure out what the actual process is, but this time around I decided to see what I could do with ordinary paints.


I used some Burnt Orange paint (the rustiest-looking paint I have) to slather all over the dumpster as a starting point, and let that dry; I didn't bother trying to apply it evenly to smooth out any accidental inclusions, since I figured any bumps and lumps would just add to the rusty look.  I then went back and stippled using a frayed brush, using alternate applications of Golden Yellow, Graphite Grey, and Chocolate Brown.  I allowed some colors to muddy together a bit, but there were places where I deliberately wanted a sharp contrast of fairly clean speckles of Golden Yellow against the background.


Once that all dried, I went back with a light Leaf Green, and daubed "islands" of that color on the various surfaces.  I tended to stay away from any of the overhangs or exterior corners, as I thought those were the places where it would make sense for paint to be worn off and weakened, or else for rainwater to tend to be slower to evaporate (and hence more likely to get an anchoring on any gaps in the paint).  Unlike the stippling, I allowed bits of green to merge together, and I applied the paint messily thick (and NOT watered down any) but I still tried to leave some gaps here and there for my stippled "rusty" texture to show through.


I painted the lid Graphite Grey.  I'm not really sure if that's period-appropriate, but this is the retro-future after all.  I cut out a printed mini Fallout poster (thank you Google image search!) from a sheet I'd put together with lots of such purloined textures for just such a purpose.  I used a hobby knife to gouge and scrape some holes and tears into it, then glued it onto the back (which had the most exposed area, even if it would be presumably the worst place to post a poster, since it might very well be up against a wall).


Then, I drizzled some washes of black and Graphite Grey on the dumpster, allowing them to pool up enough to stream down the sides, in an attempt to suggest some weathering and exposure to the elements.  It'd likely look more convincing if I could get the streams to make much SMALLER trickles, but it seems to get the idea across.

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And here's Reaper #80005, "Andre Durand" -- converted to represent an NCR Ranger.  The light mess on the fringes of the jacket are meant to be dried mud spatter.  The other posters are more Fallout images grabbed and printed out as terrain decoration.  And there's the dumpster.  Yay!  I've got two more of those to paint up, though I don't plan on "Fallout-branding" all of them.  (I've got some modern-setting games to run as well.)





And here's my "Kings" gang-member, wearing his "Jailhouse Rock" getup, and his blue suede shoes.  In my Fallout-inspired scenario, I plan on having him be the Charismatic face-man of the group.  Reflecting that, I have a "Meeting People" magazine (from the Fallout game) lying on the ground, as perhaps he was reading it right before a noise alerted him and prompted him to get up and get his gun out.


Also, here's a front view of the dumpster; the "grime" wash got a bit out of hand, and turned out more solid and dark than I'd expected, but I'll roll with it for now.




Back view of the "Kings" ganger.  I couldn't really get in the "Kings" logo on account of the over-the-shoulder shotgun, and I wasn't sure I'd like the result if I tried trimming it off.  What I can imagine is hidden under the shotgun is probably much better than what I could paint freehand anyway.  :)  Also, I ended up trimming down the "putty pompadour" considerably from what I started with in the first WIP picture.

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