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A bit about me

As you will see I am not the best photographer but I am a huge fan of 6mm and 10mm gaming, having been playing war games for well over two decades.. I love the huge scale battles that this miniature size allows you to fight over but I have found that the one thing that is often lacking from these monumental conflicts is the terrain to really make it feel as epic as my vision of the background.

I always enjoyed modelling projects but terrain of the scale I had envisioned often eluded me as it requires such accurate replication. However, when I began to learn digital 3D modelling I realised this was how I could bring my ideas to life. After a year of different smaller projects I eventually began work on my first set of truly epic terrain!



The Project

This campaign is to put my resin City Wall project out into the world and help me to:

  • Judge interest in terrain on this scale to decide if it is worth setting up an online store.
  • Allow me to gain some money back from the 3D printing of the City Wall originals (I don't expect to get the entire cost of everything I have spend but I have learnt a lot from the project and that in its self has been great for me).
  • Any money recouped from the project will allow me to fund future projects so that they can come to a crowd funder in a well developed state (as this one is) with the printing done and the moulds made.

So why should you back the project?

  • First and foremost it allows you to get some awesome terrain cheaper than it will be sold if I can set up an online store.
  • For a crowd funding campaign the project is quite far along so there are very few risks; the moulds are already made and have been used to cast the test set you can see pictures.
  • Because of the point above this will be flexible, meaning that you will get the perks you pay for even if we don't hit the target (basically the amount for the first stretch goal).
  • You can customise what you want if we reach the first stretch goal, adding extra walls, changing the bastions out for the taller ones, having more than one gate, etc. It is unlikely I will be able to offer this even if I can set up a shop.
  • Even if I don't set up a shop as a campaign backer you will be able to contact me to add to your walls.

Its about time to show off some pictures I think! Below is the 3D sculpting of the walls. I think it shows off the details nicely (also as I have mentioned my photography isn't the best).







The above shows one "set" of the City Walls. It is modular so can be put together with the straight sections by the gate should you wish, or one corner but the gate and one straight section or with the gate over to one side. Whatever the scenario you are playing demands.

In terms of size the City Wall set measures just over 3 foot in length. The platform at the back is 4 inches high and wide enough for three 20mm infantry stands to be placed side by side along the straight or corner sections and the gate towers are a massive 11 inches high (well just over actually).

Now onto some pictures of the real deal!





In the pictures above, the doors have been modeled closed. If we reach the £1000 you will be able to buy extra sections as well as extra doors so you can have one set open and one set closed should you want to.

So not as to take up too much space with pictures and have some text get lost at the bottom of the page for the other pictures, with some 6mm models so you can get a better idea of the scale, just scroll down.




Where is my money going?

The obvious aside (mould making and resin) by far and away the biggest cost for this project is the actual 3D printing of the pieces. Anyone who has who has done this themselves will have already guessed this from the size of the City Walls but I wanted to give everyone a clear idea that the majority of the money is going towards getting some of the cost of this.

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