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"The Escape" - Reaper Limited Edition Adventure Sophie diorama


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Hi everyone, I am back and hopefully I can keep posting here.  This is going to be a slow project as I am working on a pretty complicated, long-overdue paint job (checkout my FB page below if interested).


I love this Sophie, so much so that actually I got two of her, one that I had already finished a while back, and another one sitting in the box since last X'mas.  Here is the one that I had already painted, excuse the poor lighting...  She had been one of the better models sitting on my display shelf for long now, but one thing that keeps on bugging me is that she deserve more, more elements to complete the story, and especially something for her to shoot at...


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So when I ordered another Sophie during last Xmas, I order a bunch of other mini to compliment her.  Sticking to the tomb theme I got an army pack of mummies and a mummy lord... Excuse me for not correctly naming though cause I am not really into pathfinder.  


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The fun thing about doing diorama is that I can play around with the setting ideas in my head for days and days, and gave me excuses for looking up all sorts of stuff like background information on tombs.  One one that I really want to get happening this time is to set a good composition for the whole thing, trying to use techniques like triangle placement, 3:1 golden ratio extra... the current idea is like this one.


Comments welcomed :)



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