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77323: Blightfang

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@Evilhalfling: I think I understand your comment about the scales.  In looking at the photos I see it looks like I went overboard in highlighting with the middle highlight greens, covering up almost whole scales instead of just parts of the scales that would be most highlighted.  I should have left more shadow on each scale.  In person, I disguised that a bit by adding a lighter highlight, almost yellow, to parts of each highlighted scale, though that highest highlight barely shows up on the photos even though I can see it in person.  But I think I definitely should have left some shadow on each scale so the scales looked more distinct from each other.  Oh well, I will try to remember that for the next dragon I tackle.

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This is by no means a slight, but you're correct, the base could use a little more love. A few tufts and/or some flock would be great additions.

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Thank you for all the compliments on the spine and the wings. I'm going to go back and add more vegetation and maybe more paint to the base.  I might try to add some shadows back to some of the scales, but that may be too hard now that I've glued the model together, especially since I will likely need to use it for my D&D game this weekend.


@Warlady: The way I painted the wings and spine was as follows.  First I painted the whole model with Reaper Brown Liner.  Then I used the following colors to paint the wings and spine - Rusty Red mixed with Walnut Brown, Rusty Red, Orange Brown, Rusty Orange, Rusty Orange mixed with Marigold Yellow, Marigold Yellow, Sun Yellow, and finally a tiny bit of Sun Yellow mixed with Pure White.  I think I started by using Orange Brown as the base color, then "wetbrushed" (similar to drybrushing but with more paint on the brush, and using the side of the brush instead of the tip), towards the edges with the highlight colors, going to lighter and lighter colors and covering smaller and smaller areas towards the edge and center of each fold.  


Then I went back and repainted just the dark spines along the back and on the wings with solid Brown Liner.  I then added a thinned glaze of the darker shadow colors towards the body of the dragon and the spines.  Finally, I used thinned colors (Woodstain Brown, Shield Brown, a mix of Shield Brown with Creamy Ivory, and Creamy Ivory) to highlight the top parts of the tips of the dark spines on the back and wings.


And at the very end I went back over the membranes in the back and wings with a thinned wash of Vallejo Flesh colored Ink, to darken the little folds in the membranes just a little bit and add a little more depth to the membranes.

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      The biggest model I've ever painted, I worked on it in sections and then assembled it onto the base when finished. I made very minor modifications to Kalarax herself, mostly inserting a lot of brass rods to support joints, and using hot water to bend the tail around onto the base (which is 25 cm square!) There was a lot more work on the base, using rocks, grit and sand to meld the Bones "ruined temple" into a larger scene with common elements from my Vampire army (see sig below)
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