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So last winter I painted up some Reaper dragons.


I thought about submitting them to the Reaper 3rd Annual Large Model Paint Challenge, but I was somehow dissatisfied.  They were painted, but a little ... lacking.  Also they had a tendency to tip over one way or another.


For the most part, until now I haven't based.  At the most I glue minis to pennies or fender washers and paint them illusionistically.


But there's a first time for everything, and this time I wished to base these dragons.


I started with the two smaller dragons, the fire dragon and shadow dragon.  I traced them and drew contour maps for a layer or two of foam core board.  I figured I'd try the lowest layer as a shape of bristol illustration board, something I had lying around, and I would glue them together and contour the shapes with epoxy.



Here are the foam core shapes traced onto the board.



And cut out with their pattern pieces; the bristol board too (at the top).



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Here are the pieces stacked up as they would be as bases.





Note to self: Contour the edges of the foam core board before gluing.


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Since the smaller bases were working out, I drew patterns for bases for Ebonwrath and Deathsleet.



Now Deathsleet has a tendency to topple forward slowly.  So I decided to make part of the base wedge-shaped to tilt it back just a bit.


Here's that piece, upside-down, as I have thinned the bottom to the paper on the right and left it full thickness on the left.






More later.

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So some more.


These are the bases as glued together yesterday, since I didn't take a picture of them then.



And a quick test of the figures on the bases.  I am wondering if I should try to pin Deathsleet's ankles, since they are its weak point.



I sanded the bottoms of the dragons so the glue would adhere well (I also love Ebonwrath's shadow here!).



I don't know if it's necessary, but I am practicing pinning on the Shadow Dragon.  I drilled small holes into two of its legs, shown here where nails are inserted.



I tried drawing around the holes with red ink to transfer where to drill on the base, but it didn't work too well.  That's why there are slight red smears here where I drilled holes.  I ended up figuring where they should be by inserting short lengths of wire into the dragon's feet and impressing them onto the paper on top of the foam core.



I inserted tiny wire nails into the holes from the bottom of the base.





This is a dry fit of the figure to make sure I haven't botched it before I apply glue.



And here it is with the glue setting.  The front end wanted to lift a bit so I have it clamped temporarily.



I more or less finished up the other bases with the leftover epoxy.



And here is the Shadow Dragon pinned and glued to its new base.



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Oooo!!! Pingo converting to the BASING SIDE!? This will be awesome.


Man, I am going to *love* watching this come together!



Yay!!! Basing the Dragon Pt. I.


Makes Tea, bakes cake and takes position.

^^All of these^^ and also woooohoooo! These are looking so neat.

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Yes, knew I was going to love this!  I'm loving watching them come together.


I'm curious, are you going to paint the bases now?  Is there a reason you didn't paint them before you attached the dragons (I assume due to possibly needing to clamp them)?


Whatsnext?pleasetellmetellmetellme! :D

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Yes, knew I was going to love this!  I'm loving watching them come together.


I'm curious, are you going to paint the bases now?  Is there a reason you didn't paint them before you attached the dragons (I assume due to possibly needing to clamp them)?


Whatsnext?pleasetellmetellmetellme! :D

I didn't paint the bases because I figured I might want to sculpt a little more epoxy around the dragons once they're on the bases.


(I say "sculpt", but it's really just glooping on liquid epoxy and hoping for the best.  I had some at the gooey, stringy stage which was almost unworkable but which made some holding-together pebbly bits for Deathsleet's base.)


There's a little platform on Ebonwrath's base that a human figure can fit on, I hope.  My Ebonwrath needed some more stability in that direction because one of its wings was a little deformed, throwing its center of balance a little off.

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That all makes sense.  I haven't actually paint any dragons yet, but I did paint one PP model with metal wings that kept throwing the balance off, so I feel you there.  Sadly, I could never get his wings to stay on, but that's a story for a different thread someday.

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Looks cool. Can't wait to see what you will do with epoxy on these bases.


pours a glass of wine, cuts some cheese, and gets the crackers..

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