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I use wooden spools, old film canisters, prescription bottles, and plastic dice containers. I have used superglue in the past, but now use plain Elmer's white glue. It's easier to remove.


The film canisters and prescription bottles need weights for ballast. The dice holders are great for larger minis. The wooden spools come in a variety of sizes.


For larger minis like dragons, I am planning on buying a cake decorating turntable that tilts. YMMV

What she said. I use hot glue to stick the minis on, and I will score the top of the film canisters / prescription bottles with a hobby knife first. The minis will come off the hot glue with a twist or 2 of a hobby knife 90% of the time. The other 10% it takes less than a minute normally to remove the hot glue from the mini's base bottom with said knife.

You can also re-melt the hot glue with a candle and use it again....

I have yet to paint any Bones figures, I only do metal and resin so far....

If I am cutting off the base, I'll stick the leg pins into a cork.

You can see what I do on most of my WiP threads.




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I use 3m foam tape. I bought a huge roll for around $10usd. You can buy smaller packages of the tape for less money. I can sometimes get 2-3 uses before the tape isn't sticky depending on how heavy th

Forgive my slang and terrible pun. I've recently gotten to painting up my delicious pile of speleothem, and when I did the base coat, I had attache'd them to a small round plastic cup with some of th

I cheat and just use elmers/wood glue and pry them off when I'm done.  Sometimes if I'm in a hurry I even superglue them to the cork, but then I have to cut them off with an xacto knife later...

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I always pin my minis... and I built a couple of clamps that hold onto the pins. They do double duty as painting and sculpting clamps.




Almost any chunk of wood, a lug bolt, wing nut, and optionally some washers. The top is covered with a layer of Apoxie Sculpt, and the shape of a base is scribed on top.

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3/4" wooden dowel with a bottle cap hot glued to it.  Cut the dowel to a length of about 3" to 4".  Poster tack the mini to the bottle cap.  Most human sized figures hold there.  If it's being a pain in the arse, I use a dab of hot glue or a drop of superglue.  Both will pop off no problem.


The dowel fits perfectly inside of a 16/20oz soda bottle.


Alternatively, I use 20 oz gatorade bottles and their caps for large sized models.  Again, poster tacked.  If that doesn't hold, hot glue or super glue.


Gatorade bottles get filled with sand to counterbalance the wait on top.

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I used to use twist-off beer bottle caps because that's what I had a lot of in college, stuck on with various double-sided tape until I settled on 3M foam Mounting Tape. They gave me just enough to hold on to and let the mini sit without tipping over. Afterward I switched to plastic soda bottle caps, since my gaming group generated a lot of those, and they give a little more to hold on to and don't rust. Recently I've added larger plastic juice bottle caps to handle the bigger figures that don't fit on the soda caps.

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