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Just because I need to start another WIP, I decided with the new Burrows and Badgers KS on the horizon I thought I should give my critter's some paint love.  So I decided to paint up a Hare (or Rabbit) from the two critter KS I backed.  I decided to also use hair color for the hares with Jessica Rich's DVD.  I started both with a 1:1 mix of RMS Harvest Brown : RHD Golden Brown as the base coat.  I like both of the sculpts and have really wanted to paint them both.  Progress might be slow at first since I'm also working on my exchange mini at the same time.


Here is the Darksword Hare Mage:



Here is the Oathsworn Hare Warrior:



Now a look at the 2 side by side:


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Just because I need to start another WIP, I decided with the new Burrows and Badgers KS on the horizon I thought I should give my critter's some paint love.  So I decided to paint up a Hare (or Rabbit

Wow, where does the time go?  I'm finally getting back to these Hares.  Trying to stay on task with working through my various projects and now it's time to give these hares' some love.   I tidied u

Finished the work on the sword.  Used the scale75 gold nmm set again.  It came out OK.  Even after a year of working steadily at this I still feel I have a long way to go.  But I press on.  The main f

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Looks good. A warrior is supposed to be just a tad bigger then a man of the books..


Hmm. ever thought of adorning the base of the warrior with a knights helmet and two half coconut shells? ( Monthy Python - Killer rabbit reference)

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Both awesome minis. They go nicely together.

That was my thought as well.


Looks good. A warrior is supposed to be just a tad bigger then a man of the books..


Hmm. ever thought of adorning the base of the warrior with a knights helmet and two half coconut shells? ( Monthy Python - Killer rabbit reference)

No, but now that you mention it, I like that idea.
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Decided to work on the warrior's armor.  Mostly because I was already working on my exchange mini's armor, and I'll be using roughly the same colors.


And here is the Hare's armor base coated:



Next is the chest piece's highlights were blocked in somewhat rough, to get a feel if the highlight look right.  This is also the stage i'm at with my exchange mini.  I think they are pretty good.  so tommorrow I will shadow and blend the highlights a little more.




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I began shadowing the breast plate.  I then tried to blend in the highlights.  Overall I think the effect is an minor improvement, but I think I might have overworked it a bit.  On a side note, I think I have a grasp on my NMM funk with the the exchange and this piece.  Im so used to shadowing then highlighting, when I highlight first my brain feels I should be done, yet I know I have to shadow.  Ah well.


Here is my progress:


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Whatever you are doing in regards to the NMM, I would say you are on the right track. At first glance, I would have sworn that was a dark steel metallic with a bright light in front of it.

Thanks! That was the look I'm going for.  I think I'm suffering from the I've been looking at it to long and cant see the forest for the trees sort of thing.

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Full Frontal Armor....


That is the current situation.  As SGHawkins mentions the angle of the light was more frontal than I had initially wanted.  But I decided to roll with it, Thanks SG  ::):.  Now comes the work of getting the reflection right from the sides and back with a frontal light source, not overhead.  So much for finishing him this weekend.



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Back to him again today.  With such a strong frontal light source I tried to create a more subdued and under reflected metal at his back.  Using the same colors but having more of the shadow colors and not going to a full white.  Though looking at the photo I realize the paint is a bit less matt than I would like it.  Certain shadows reflect some of the light I used to photo rather than the black I used to shadow.  Oh well, that is what dullcote is for.


Here is how the experiment stand:



I am now beginning to understand why people put hints of color in their silver metals.  As I held the figure up to my lamp and put my hand behind to see how the light reflected up I noticed the color difference between that and a white piece of paper.  Sigh, I chose to continue with the black and white NMM, in the future I will attempt to introduce color, but for now I want to work on getting my reflective points in the right spot.


PS: I didn't like how my NMM looked in a few spot on my exchange model so I am used this to test some blending before I call the armor on him done.

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    • By R2ED
      Got another bunny done for the weekend.  Feeling pretty good on getting some animals done.

      *  Using another photo for inspiration, I was interested in that this bunny photo had a slight 'blueish' tone to the color in the grey.  I was interested in trying to match it.  Used Denim Blue, Grey, and black to get it.  Came out pretty good!
      *  The white was also one that I needed to be able to highlight up and I didn't want to use another grey. I ended up going with the Ghost White, which had a light blue to it, and I thought went with the grey color I mixed, too.  
      *  The colors blended well and I was able to use the same technique I used on the other butterscotch bunny of doing a feathering of lighter color to bring the hair detail forward.  
      *  Used a nuln oil diluted for the recesses and around the tail.  Worked good enough.  Wouldn't have minded a little more contrast, but still cute.
      *  I didn't highlight up the fleshy colors on the nose.  I somewhat feel it needs more of a "pop" and think it was a miss that I didn't.
      * The white is still on the weaker end and coudl have gone a little darker so I could bring the white hair forward more.  Using the zenithal highlight helped, but still wanted more.
      These were both super fast and only a handful of colors needed, so both bunnies were solid.  Open to any feedback ya got.  
      Now I gotta base them with something cute and fun...

    • By Inarah
      These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures.  They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. 

      Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign:

      And here's the lot of them, at different angles.

      Put a little wild life into your games :) 
    • By Kangaroorex
      Just thought i would put these up to show off the new party making their way through saltmarsh.  A party of six graduates from the civilized lands, roped into fulfilling a debt by their mentors.  At least they are working together...  they arent my finest work but for 6 hours of painting, they will do nicely for our little gaming group and the group enjoyed the surprise of coming to their second session to discover they all had custom painted minis!
      we have a Halfling fighter
      an elven thief with a fixation for daggers
      a halfling bard
      the blue dragonborn priest of Protos
      the black Dragonborn warlock (had to create the head.  I couldnt find a dragonborn mini with an 8 strength...)
      and a Human ranger from the backstreets and slums
      hope you enjoy them, i dont know how long they will last....


    • By Genghis_Sean
      Stole my brother's mini from out of his house the last time I was there and painted it for him.  Built a much more deserving base for this fierce Zombicide boss with a vicious streak a mile wide.

    • By Rob Dean
      One more mouse for the order of battle pool for Gencon.  I’m behind on basing, but should get to him over the weekend.

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