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Looking for Japan Residents for help


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Hi, I'm looking for folks who live in Japan. I'm trying to track down the publishing company of a book and if possible a copy of the book.


The title is Kumihimo no Sekai, çµ„ç´ ã® ä¸–ç•Œ, and was published in 1976 and seems to have gone out of print the same year. According to Wordcat the publisher is Zenkoku KyoÌ„iku SangyoÌ„ KyoÌ„kai Shuppan Kyoku but searches and searches of the translation doesn't lead to much. The OCLC number is 41731379, if that helps.


I can borrow a copy from the University of Montana but I want to try and get my own copy and if possible get in touch with the publisher.




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This might be a challenge to findã€although it looks like one was sold on Yahoo Auction not long ago(May), so it is possible.


I'm sure you've seen the new edition from 1988?  This one is still available from Amazon Japan, but the publisher is kodansha international, (組ç´+ã®+世界]æ–°ã—ã„組ç´ã®ä¸–ç•Œ), and not å…¨å›½æ•™è‚²ç”£æ¥­å”会出版局.


I'll check with my family in Japan, but I can't guarantee you a timely response :)

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