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77094 - Trista the White Wolf


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Very Nicely done!

She looks Great!

Maybe take a little white glue and put it around the base on the washer (?) sprinkle some sand on it, and when it dries, paint it to match the base. Try to feather the sand so that it slopes into the base before painting. It may take2 or 3 'coats' to get it there.




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Thanks everyone ^^

In terms of basing, she'll get done eventually ^^;

Im pretty much just waiting until I go to visit Komplex in a few weeks time, so we can split some basing stuff between us, then all my unbased stuff will get done in one go lol


very nice and excellent eyes 

shadows could be a little deeper. 


Yeah, she did come out a bit... pale? 
Admittedly, the fact my phone camera washed the colour out a bit didn't help


Very nice.

One Bones mini I'd love to see in metal someday.


She'd be fantastic in metal I think

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She looks great; nice job!

Thanks ^^


I really like how this turned out. Especially the shield. Can you describe what you did to get that effect?


Thanks ^^

I can try xD

I painted the shield in flat Citadel Ironbreaker, before giving it a fairly heavy coat, or possibly two of Citadel Nuln Oil shade. After that, drybrushed it fairly heavily but unevenly with more Ironbreaker, then with Citadel Runefang Steel in a lighter brush coat


Gold was done using a Revell enamel, before simply being washed in Citadel Seraphim Sepia shade

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