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Corporea's Desk: Sept-Dec 2015

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Evilhalfing: here's a closeup of the wing bones.



I just found the slightly raised area in the center on the fold and painted it with the blue.  I lined each side with the black. I decided to make the area where the rib flares out a bit into a joint.  All I did was a line of black after painting a few layers of the lighter colors.  Here, the edges of the joint are painted lighter to make them look more rounded- it would mimic them being more raised perpendicular to the rib itself- so even though it is almost flat, I can make it look more 3-D that way.  Have fun with it!

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taking a break from the dragon to work on my newest arrival: Kingdom Death Survivor.




oh my.  I just spent 5 hours putting together my survivors, 1 kingsman, white lion and butcher.  Most of the time I spent filling in the gaps, pinning, sanding... this is insane.  Insane.  I signed up for most of the expansions, and I haven't even touched the included kits yet.  All I want to do is paint them and I'm stuck prepping.




I HATE PREP WORK!!!! :grr:


Also... there is no way I'm going to figure out where all the little hands go on the phoenix.  Not happening.  As a side note, I used Iacton's painted survivor examples on CMON to figure out where all the cloth bits go on the survivors.  If you haven't done yours yet, its helpful.  I left a few choice bits unattached until later so I can paint them more easily.  The front legs of the lion I left off, but stuck them in just to see how it looked.


Ah.  Thanks for the opportunity to vent.  Much better now.  Carry on!


I'm doing a hopefully not evil thing and trying to make a larger template for the stone faces for my larger miniatures like the lion and phoenix (since the only size bases KD makes with the face inserts is 30 mm.)  So I took the 30 mm bases and stuck them into the sculpey to make a bigger stamp.  It should easily fit a 50 mm shape. 



I'll bake it tomorrow and test it out.

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      I've really been going after these dioramas.  I'm seriously enjoying the change of pace going from the painting to the working of a landscape.  There's still so much I'm learning on color, scenery, and flock, but it's definitely coming along.


      I thought the pebbles were kind of fun like some kind of jewels, but it didn't hit like I wanted, so I then went and added some GreenStuff jewels among them to give the impression it's mixed precious stones.  Either way, the point of little Rocky hoarding and scheming I think comes across fine. 
      Where I may have gone a little overboard was the chipping of the stones.  I think leaving the pillars chipped would have been better and leaving the scaled walls untouched.  It's just hard because as I worked it, I just felt it was needing something else.
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      Here's to hoping it wins in August or Sept.
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      I really enjoyed painting it.  This is my first full dragon miniature painted.
      I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm pleased with the outcome.
      I hope you like it.  This was my first time using Birch seed pod debris as leaves, and I think they look good.
      Here is the link to the WIP:
      C&C welcome.




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