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Space Cadets: Away Missions - Space Leaches and Sentinels


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Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, dungeon crawl style of game set in the era of classic science fiction.  Stronghold Games funded the game through Kickstarter in order to add some nicely detailed minis to the game, and by the end they included over 100 minis in the game.  For a board game, they are very nice minis and while they are mostly fine as is, they are practically begging for a good paint job.


Before I tackled the heroes and classic, Mars Attacks! style aliens, I quickly pained up the Space Leeches and Sentinels to see how they would look.  



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In the design notes, they mentioned that they wanted the Sentinel to be scary, but still look like someone in a rubber suit.  For better or worse, the classic aliens will be a little longer since you can't really just slop on paint, wash and highlight them like I did with the space leaches.  Also, pretty much everything has "space" in front of it as a descriptor.  Space bugs, space leeches, space bandages, etc...


One thing I forgot to mention was that I was very happy to get the Alien Goo color Reaper paint on these minis.  It just felt thematic AND it worked well.  

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