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Ape-X (80001)

Chris Palmer

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Thanks everyone for the positive comments. I'm glad you like the figure. :)



I loves me some simian VSF.


Is he for a game?  If so, I have several VSF rulesets I can recommend.


Froggy-  Yes, I intend to use him in a game, though I don't have a specific scenario in mind at the moment.   Thank you for the offer of rules suggestions; but as co-author of the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. set of VSF rules, I think I have that department covered.  ::):


If you love simian VSF, you may want to check out this battle report from a game i did a couple years ago set in 1890, featuring German colonial troops and their native allies vs. a long lost colony of ancient Romans and their Giant Gorilla support with some British explorers aiding them:



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