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hey, i need some basic information about backrgound and fluff of warlord.

who is who and wy are they fighting (it's a war, some kind of local conflict or maybe everyone can't understand their neighbours)?

I only found topic with map of Taltos (now i know where my mercenaries will be making trouble :)

sorry for my poor english ;)

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There is some information on the City States of Taltos in the Dark Heaven Apocalypse Rulebook but I don't know how much of that will be carried over to the Warlord game when it comes out. In DHA there were supposed to be nine city states with the primary city states being Knotthorn, Port Gangrel, Craclaw and Mitaur. The new map also has Necropolis Thule, Blackguard Cove, etc.

I enjoyed playing in the DHA world and look forward to the Warlord Worldbook which I hear is coming out "when it's done".

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