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Samurai Warriors! by Oliver James


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About this project


Do you want a unique looking collection of miniatures? Then look no further than the Samurai of Japan!

Each Samurai customised his suit of armour giving it a theme and significance to himself, sometimes an expression of his artistic taste or that of the artisan armourer. They did this to make themselves appear stronger or more intimidating to other Warriors and always to announce their personal presence to everyone on the field, including talent spotting Daimyo!

if they could afford it then they may have worn a Kawari Kabuto which often were unusual shapes, or sporting horns or other wierd features. Samurai also wore many types of banner on their backs called Sashimono these could have the clan Mon or logo on them, or be personal designs coming in all different shapes in order to get them recognised. Samurai armour also came in many varying shades of Red, Black, Brown, or even Gold, Silver or Copper, resulting in a riot of colour! These miniatures. Are highly researched, meticulously sculpted and cast by a top quality casting firm to give you great pleasure in building a collection from a fascinating period of history.

Also added to this you too can customise your sets just like the Samurai themselves, because the miniatures mostly come with separate heads weapons and sashimono to allow you to make your own compositions! And give your clan a unique look to your taste and interpretation.

Following on from the recently successful Samurai Lords Kickstarter, you now have the opportunity to add to your collection with a choice of all new packs!

The campaign photo features miniatures already available from steelfist miniatures the miniatures can also bee selected when you pledge, but they are shown to show you what your miniatures could look like painted up! Also because I could not show any of the new ones painted as they have not yet been moulded.

The packs on offer in this campaign focus on troop types rather than Daimyo, thus giving you miniatures for your Daimyo to command! Or make vignettes with. The main focus of the miniatures in this campaign are mounted Samurai, and Teppo Ashigaru, as these are core types. This does not mean though that other types will be overlooked in the future. If the campaign is successful I hope to add many more packs and Daimyo with future campaigns.

Also as the campaign runs I'm working on some more packs that will be added to the campaign if compleated on time as stretch goals, if these goals are also achieved you can add these packs to your choice.

For those who have never seen my miniatures before the steel fist miniatures samurai are intended to showcase the spectacular armour of Japan, many of the armours features are accurately rendered from surviving armour! If I only have one piece of armour to work with, say a helmet then I make a plausible composition of parts to complete the suit All the miniatures I make that are not copies from full existing suits are still highly possible to have been seen on a sengoku era battlefield.

On to the packs!

Please note that what the miniatures are made from is very hard to photo well, but as you can see from the main photo to the detail of steel fist miniature is of very sharp high quality.

First of all, if you select any of the pledges you will receive this free bonus miniature! This miniature is only available during this campaign and will not be released after. His armour is designed to look like a warrior monk!

a1ae28529696f53bbed14fca80a1ce4b_originaKickstarter exclusive bonus miniature.

49bc25782631b7828cdad4871dc0206f_originaThis is a photo of the real helmet from the Warrior Monk Samurai to show you this armour really exsisted!

Elite mounted Samurai. These can be used as Hatamoto or Daimyo, wearing themed armour one in a Namban or European style armour he comes with two heads to choose from. The other wears a nio dou made to look likes bare chested wildman or bandit, he comes with a unique Sashimono.

725e8b6510b370eb9e8e6c3610cb0a94_originaElite mounted Samurai. Sashimono and an extra head are also included.

Mounted Samurai 1. These are wearing common styles or armour so you can make common samurai or elite depending on the helmets you use, the colour choice and the sashimono style. The come with weapons, heads and sashimono.

5f9b1de9a2f64095e01f91439c893b4c_originaMounted samurai 1 again weapons and Sashimono not attached but will be included in the set

Mounted samurai 2. More samurai in common armour, the same principles apply to these as the above set.

449710d2a3b79d7c3b854395f1b7d356_originaMounted Samurai 2 again weapons and sashimono are included.

Teppo Ashigaru firing line. These troops would provide a large portion of most Daimyo Armies. These troops come with heads sashimono and weapons.

550de7eb2de88f3d9a899b055e2a33f4_originaTeppo Ashigaru sculpts

Teppo Ashigaru prone. This was one of the three positions Teppo Ashigaru were trained to fire from.

f34663ebe98beb3b994f3e03fb83cf9f_originaProne Teppo. There are four in this pack but the last one is not yet finish so this pic will be updated soon.

Also more pictures of extra heads Sashimono and new helmet crests will added as the campaign goes on.

Stretch goals will be added if the sets are completed before the campaign ends!

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