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So Who's Playing?

Savage Coyote

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Not me. I cannot support the current incarnation with the blatant disrespect by the current designers. Completely ignored any acknowledgement of any of the people who created the game, the universe and the original CAV designs. It's disgraceful and indicative of the current design team and will not get any support from me. This will probably get removed and that's fine with me. Jim, John, and the myriad of others that made CAV a reality deserve more respect. Atrocious business practice.


Your post will not be removed :)


I'm sorry you feel this way. I will repost my answer to you in another forum:




"I created the entire universe and wrote most, if not all of the text in the original CAV book.


Concerning CAV designs? There were several people involved in that. The Rhino is a perfect example. We had Jamie VanShaik simply creating mech parts and sending them down to us. I assembled the first Rhino using a set of legs and a torso. I sculpted from scratch the arms, missile packs and hip joints. I still have the original sculpture. James Burrell later created the 3d model from my sculpture that used some of Jamie's pieces. Who gets credit on the blister card as sculptor? James, as it is the 3d model we are selling. All CAVs were created with my personal input, design and approval. Was James and everyone in the past credited for their contributions? Yes.


And this brings me to the CAV:SO credit page itself. It is a simple and basic presentation. Did Jon do the Graphic Design and Layout? yes


It was decided to go with a minimal credits presentation. This decision was made by me. CAV:SO is a new beginning.


There is not a category for "Game Development", which would have covered all sorts of things such as design and creation contributions. Countless people have made all sorts of contributions to CAV and now CAV:SO.


I believe, and I might be wrong, but there were only 4 pieces of art carried over to the new book from old CAV files. Also, as far as I am aware, ALL artist, writers and anything developed as official canon for CAV have been paid in full for their services."


Thank you and as always I am available for questions like this.



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I'm trying to find players in the Birimingham, AL area and surrounding areas... It's not easy but I'm sure I might be able to run some demo's at my local FLGS when the CAV:SO Kickstarter miniatures hit retail. :)


edit: oh, and I have some video tutorials to boot! Those help A LOT! I can load them on a table and we can watch them! Along side that and printing out those amazing certificates!

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