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Alright this WIP will contain more than a few mins. Most of the time I work on one or two specific projects that have a solid deadline. I started to find that I would get burnt out doing that so I am planning on doing something different this time. While a few of these could be competition entries and a couple are gifts, I plan on working on each a little at a time so I can keep my interest renewed.




So on to the victims. Starting with the top left, we have a Gotham Policeman from Knight Models. He is a present for my Dad who is a retired police officer and will be painted in a tan uniform that was worn by San Diego PD until the early 90's. It is the uniform my Dad wore on patrol up until he joined their New Technologies Unit. He has no idea that I am doing this for him and I hope I can do it justice.


Next up is Reaper's Vampire Noble (3042) whom I am just painting for fun and vampire skin practice. If I get him done he might be entered in the Halloween contest. If anyone knows what the critter by his legs is, please speak up because I have no idea. The little guy next to him is Hasslefree's Albert, a cute little tyke who, like the vampire, I am painting for fun.


In the next row we have Stonehaven's half-lion who is a commission for a friend. Next her is Sayna from Draconia and her base. I may do some water effect on her base but I have not decided yet. She may be my entry for the fantasy large category on our next con, if I finish in time. Lastly at the bottom, we have Reaper's Kristiana (77223) and Troll Slayer Sophie (77370). These are commissions for another friend. And finally we had the Lovers from Dark Sword. These are going to part of a small vignette that is for my parents as a late anniversary present.


I apologize for the wall of text and lack of paint on the minis. I wanted to get this started before I got too far into working on them.

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Pic is kinda small, but is the mini you have a question about this?


Reaper Attic Whisperer from Pathfinder line....


Good Luck with all your works in progress!

That is the way I always work, many projects that I can bounce around to what has my interest. Toward the end, one thing usually grabs me 'til it's finished, then I revisit another, and so on....




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Thanks for the enthusiasm guys, I really appreciate it.


Knarthex, the one I mean is this guy:




I circled the little critter that I am unsure about. He kind of looks like a animated pumpkin so I am thinking about painting him like that.

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I couldn.t even see that in the original pic....

But a pumpkin head, I can see that.

Maybe its a baby old old old school pumpkin headed bugbear!

Just saw an adult model last saturday that Mad Jack showed me...




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So almost a month later and I finally have an update. RL hit me hard this past month so I was not able to get much painting done. I have been working on Kristiana and Sophie for my friend and I am aiming to get them done by Monday. Their skin and eyes are done, the purple cloth is done, metals are base coated, and Kristiana's hair is base coated. I am not really happy with Sophie's wings but the more I tried to correct them the more I messed them up. I also started on their bases: Sohpies's is the temple base and Kristiana's is the cork rock base.



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And they are done. They are not perfect, but will do for gaming. They are both for a friend to use as NPCs in his campaign. The directions for Kristiana was just her two magic swords, one white and blue and the other red and black. I went with purple as I could not decide another color to use and blonde hair was an easy choice. For Sophie he just wanted red hair but I wanted to do a pinkish skin tone. Unfortunately I do not think that was the best decision but as I did the skin first, there was not enough time to change it. I also went with purple as it seemed like the best choice. Hopefully he likes them.


Sorry for the photo quality.




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Well, I was nearing a month with no update and little painting done so I pulled myself away from Fallout 4 and put some paint on some things. It was just some skin tones on Albert and Sayna but it is progress. I also started blocking in some colors on Sayna's cloak which I am planning on making patchwork. The last picture is the base for the Lovers and is one thing that I had been working on periodically since I started this thread. It is very bare right now but the plan is to have at least one tree in the right, back corner and some ivy on the front. I had thought of doing two trees, one in each of the back corners and using them to frame the miniature but now I think it would be too much. Any thoughts on that?






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    • By DragonWyrm
      I painted most of these figures quickly or experiment when I did so. The exception is the reaper figure. I didn't really paint his face with too much detail, you can't see it due to the hat and what I did paint is sufficient (white eyes, basic colour variation on skin). 


      They look better in person (I swear, the light makes the skin look washed out more than it is, plus the hair has darker shadows.)

      Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated. 
    • By Skiatis
      This is my first mini painting, just finished it tonight. I have a lot to learn, especially the correct way to dry brush. But I followed a Reaper paint kit on the steps for their minis and this is what I came up with.
      Once I get the hang of the minis themselves I'd like to learn to make custom bases, this one just looks awful as is.
      For some reason I can't get the picture to show the color true either, it's a much more grayish blue than this bright color that is shown.
      All in all, I'm pleased with its turn out.

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      Pulled this guy out of the current round of the Box of Goodwill and painted him up over the course of two evenings. 



      I apologize for the low quality photos, but I've had such low drive to get pictures taken lately that I just wanted to break the ice and get the ball rolling.
    • By Degare
      Just painted a few figures.
      First up is an Alligator from Wizkids.
      His base is just under 5cm in diameter

      Then some sort of larva, which I like to think of as a kind of "baby mothra" - also from wizkids.
      It's coloring is based (roughly) off a real-life caterpillar.

      Lastly, a couple of Cave Worms (Giant Leeches, #44031, Reaper).

    • By Cyradis
      I was super sad by recent events, and wanted to help. I can help by doing uplifting art, right? So I biked to the local hobby shop, got a new base, prepped this figure, and did ALL of the painting in one day (Sunday last week). He is meant to be an honor to communities in need. After all, Black Panther, T'challa, is pretty much the most honorable and wise of the main Avengers cast. Love Captain America, but he totally should have been a nurse And Iron Man? Crass. Thor? Bro. T'challa is all good things in a person: smart, strong, and compassionate.
      The figure is being raffled for charity on my FB page.
      Not looking to spark political fights - I painted the figure for the sake of kindness.

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