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D&D NPCs: Dwarves (non-reaper)

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Awesome! I've been looking for some good dwarves, and I might have to pick these up.

In that case I'd give some more of a review for you to consider:

The Scibor models are explicitly detailled with strong structures (even single beard hairs are distinctively carried out) and therefore easy to paint. You don't need umpten layers of 1/3 diluted paint to save the details.

A drawback are the big sprues under their feet for which i'd strongly recommend having a rotary tool to trim them off. Cutting pliers will produce tension, tending to break the resin at unintended spots (I had to glue a number of legs and feet back on). Also the detail ridges are uneven at some spots so you might want to file them down just a bit to get a smooth line, especially when working with true metallic color. But I guess that's all just normal resin issues.

Also the dwarves look very authentic with flawless proportions but their overall size is quite tall. They're easily standing eye-to-eye with a human model.

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