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House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome


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[Pokes in for a visit]


Nice place you guys have here.


Look'it all the minis!


Why yes, I *can* stay for coffee and snacks. It's not like I have anything else to do. I mean besides painting up Procrastius' common room. And unpacking the boxes. Wait did we even send in the paperwork for those?

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    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Sitting on the bedside table on my side of the bed is a large glass jar full of dice.

      It's not ALL my dice, of course. There's a dicebag at school, loaded with disposables that I don't much care if they're lost or stolen. There's my MAIN dicebag, on the dining table downstairs, with my favorite twenty siders, my weather die, directional die, body parts twelve sider, and spindle D6s, and my EMERGENCY dicebag, with two each of the classic Platonian polyhedrons. In the drawer of the nightstand, there's the poker dice for use in games that use poker hands, and the Dungeon Crawl Classics dice, which include the d3, the d14, the d24, and other weird dice used to play that particular game... all in their respective themed dicebags.

      There's a thread on these boards right now for a Kickstarter, selling tool steel dice that you could apparently load into a gauss launcher and blast square holes through buildings, they're so tough. Every Reapercon the last few years has had lovely artisinal dice made from rare woods and exotic elements for sale. Fulfilling in the next couple weeks is a Kickstarter I signed up for, selling Wizard Dice, complete with a d2 shaped like a spell book. Looking forward to that.

      So many dice have stories. There's the speckled blue that rolled three twenties in a row the night we took down the Serpent Wizard.
      There's the soft plastic d10s that came with the boxed Marvel Super Heroes game, and have rolled so many times they barely have corners any more.
      There's the chipped green ones I got in the swag bag at my first convention, chipping so bad I ought to throw them out but I get sentimental.
      There's the crystal d20, one of the first clear Gamescience dice ever made, that rolled multiple fumbles the night Kaltos the Rogue couldn't backstab anything to save his life, and he threw it out the window, and I found it later when I was mowing the yard, and it's never rolled a 1 since. Did it learn its lesson?
      And the three black d6s with red pips given to me by Cerberus, the Guardian Of Hell, the night his little girl was born, because with a baby in the house, it was going to be a few years before he had time for games, and then he moved his family to Tennessee and never asked for them back. For some reason, all three dice tend to roll high.... mostly 5s and 6s. I've tested them.
      There's the little set of miniature lavender translucent dice that my ex wife had to have. Woman never played a game in her life that wasn't Monopoly, Scrabble, or Gin Rummy, but she saw those dice and had to buy them. 

      There's the fake ivory d6 that when rolled fair, even out of a cup, will roll ones more than half the time. I have no idea where it came from.

      There's the little plastic box full of tiny d6s I got out of Pirates Of The Spanish Main boosterpacks, and I just shake the box and drop it when I wanna roll fireballs. There's the d20 that's as big as my fist and weighs nearly a pound.

      And I wonder: Is this fascinated acquisitiveness the result of starting my gaming career with a D&D Basic Box that had the little laminated chits instead of dice? Or do other people have this weird fascination for collector dice? Given the number of Kickstarters, I figure it CAN'T be just ME...


    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      A while back I figured that no collection was really complete without a Sir Forscale and I thought I'd paint him in the colors of Figmentius. Eventually I'll do one for all the houses.

      I was pleasantly surprised how well the freehand on the Unicorn turned out. Tonight is also the first time using my new camera, and the photos turned out quite well after I figured out what a Macro was.
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