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Stormcast Eternals Prosecutor by DethStruck

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I entered a painting contest at my local gaming store this past weekend. They provided primed and ready miniatures, paints, and brushes. Most of the miniatures were from the Age of Sigmar boxed set. I chose a Prosecutor which is a large winged, flying character.


The Reaper site insists on uploading the pictures sideways so if anyone would like to read my review and see my three hours of handiwork go check it out: http://www.dethstruck.com/2015/09/22/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-event-or-babys-first-painting-contest/


And if so inclined give my Facebook page in my signature a like or two.

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Nice job!



after reading your blog, yeah ceramite white is thick as tar from the pot, I threw a whole load of thinning medium in the pot to make it more useable, as ain't nobody needs it that thick.

Yeah, when I opened it I was sort of shocked. Another guy there was trying to tell me it was a supposed to be a primer. *shakes head*

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Nice job!


Congrats to you and your lady friend as well.


BTW, the bigger versions of the photos are sideways on the blog, too.

Thanks! I plan on stripping and repainting it. I finished removing the flash that wasn't removed by the store's mini prep.


Ugh, maybe I'll have to open them on my PC and save them first. Or I could just have people rotate their displays...

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