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77271: Blue Dragon Hatchling, and 77272: Green Dragon Hatchling (painted by my kids)


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I gave up some of my dragon hatchlings to my kids so they could paint minis. They had a ton of fun with it, and were certainly very enthusiastic... :;):





The one on the left is my daughter's beautiful and very colourful dragon. She's 4. This is pretty much what I expected. ::):


The one on the right is my 9yo son's dragon. It's supposed to be a sort of darkish grey with spattered blood on its wings and head (my son's story is that the dragon rolls in the blood of its defeated enemies, which sounds gross to me but it's not my dragon) and the yellow spots on its head are supposed to be its eyes. I'm not sure what's up with the other colours. I honestly don't know if they're supposed to be there or not.


At any rate - no award-winning paintjobs, but a lot of fun, so... yay! Both of them plan to do something more to their dragons at some point so I'm putting these in here instead of Show Off.

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Awesome! Hook 'em while their young...er...well, ya know what I mean...


Funnily enough, before I read who's was who's, I automatically guessed the one on the left was a girl's dragon and the one on the right was painted by a male. Go figure.


And your daughter's dragon has an almost (Rainbow Bright) Tiamat feel to it.


My advice? Give them more Bones to paint! And post them.


That is just awesome! Tell them great job for me!

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They both look great. I'd happily use them in my games.


Rather than have it be a hatchling, I'd use your daughter's as a large faerie dragon, perhaps even the queen of faerie dragons. After all, why would only chromatic and metallic dragons have a supreme ruler? Perhaps she could be a Fizban type of comedy relief adventure guide, you could have some fun with a character like that.


I love the back story for your son's dragon. Rolling around in the blood of his victims? That's a fantastic idea, I'm tempted to paint up a dragon like that myself. He sounds like a proper evil dragon, a ferocious killing machine. I could picture using him as a recurring foe in an adventure, almost like the villain in a slasher film. Picture a low level group of adventurers stumbling across a farmstead, limbs and bodies on the ground, blood splattered everywhere. The ranger does his survival thing, and discovers they are looking for a foe the size of a large dog. Unfortunately for the party, this dragon is a hatchling, and it's evil nature means it increases in size after every massacre, similar to how a Barghest grows. The next time, maybe it's pony sized sized. Then as big as a bear. Eventually it will reach the size of a full grown dragon. For even more fun, you could have it gain powers from it's victims when it rolls in their blood. So it kills a group of barbarians, and it's strength and combat skill increases. Slay some wizards and gain some spells. The party would be in a desperate race against time, to stop the massacres and slow the growth of the beast.


So did they name their dragons? Names are important. You should definitely get them to paint more. And maybe ask them what types of adventures their dragons should have, they might have some fun stories to share.

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Alternately, they could be the same race. You mentioned the other colours on your son's dragons. At first I was thinking that could be blood of fantastic creatures, not all blood has to be red. However, what if, instead they are a race like the Mogwai/Gremlins? Perhaps they both started out like your daughter's dragon, but something bad happened to your sons?


If nothing else, it's a good excuse to introduce your kids to Gremlins.

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Looks nice.


We have a saying in The Netherlands.


It translates like: What you learn when you're young, you will do when you get older.


Soo, promising future there.


A Chaos Dragon rolling in the blood of his enemies, great story,. And the otherone is surely a Fairy Dragon, maybe her quest is to rescue her brother, whoÅ› fallen to Chaos?

She will try to stop him and convert him again?

He will attack the villages and in the end they will have to face off. Brother against Sister.


Will he repent or will he become truly evil?

And will she save him or will she have to kill him?

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