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14575: Tierdeleira, Darkreach Priestess


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Nice work. Her skin turned out quite pretty and goes quite well with the purple armor. The ice weapon looks great too. For me the yellow does create a disconnect. The yellow dominates the scheme for me and pushes the skin and armor into the background, and doesn't quite work with the blue icy feel. I think a cool neutral color may have worked better. However I am not great at picking colors and for me it's a lot of trial and error, so I feel your pain with figuring out the yellow.


Overall she looks great and will stand out on the table. Nice work

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Thank you all! 


@Marsya - I was concerned the yellow might dominate the model too much, especially on the shield since its thrust forward at that one angle and on the helmet.  I have the Bones version of her somewhere as well and if I paint her again I will probably go with a blue-grey color like P3 underbelly blue.


@Erifnogard - Same here regarding taste, just ask my wife! :D


@Xherman - Wish I'd thought of using a brown wash, I think that would have helped, especially with the, er, thing on her helmet.

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