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D&D NPC: Orks (non-reaper)

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 Is it just me, or does the first orc on the left in that first pic look like he's holding a mortar round rather than a handful of arrows because of the angle? Heh - I now totally have the urge to find one of those guys and swap out his gear for a mortar round and a grenade launcher or something... ::D:

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I did some GW Bloodbowl orcs for my husband, and I am totally jealous of your skin work on these guys! 

Thanks a lot.

In case you want to try my color scheme (Vallejo acrylics):

  • Basecoat: dark green & burnt umber (there is probably a better readymade olive tone for that)
  • Midtone: sick green
  • Lighting: sick green + stone grey + white
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These are my favorite orc minis.  I have been meaning to pick up all the savage orc minis from GW but am still broke from Bones 3.  Great Job!  I am extremely jealous

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