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77267 Kallaguk, Troll King for robinh 2015 Fall Exchange (very picture heavy)

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This is the mini I painted for robinh for the Fall Exchange. It is Kallaguk from Bones II.


Robin asked for a monster and said he liked orange (grin). I tried to work some orange in here and there.


I tried to paint him to look somewhat amphibious.


Robin's mini got to be my guinea pig for several things I have never done before. This is the first sculpting I have ever done and the first time I have attempted water. Both turned out ok, I definitely need more practice but overall I liked the finished project.


Some of the pictures make me cringe because they seem to shine giant spotlights on places I could have done better!


I really did like how he turned out and am going to have to get another to paint for myself.


My favorite part - the drool!


I hid lots of little things in the base. There is a fish skeleton in the water between his feet, a chameleon, a stick monster, another little monster lurking under a bush, and a sheep (or demon) skull.


Lots of pictures, I will post some in the first reply. Hopefully Robin has better pictures than I do. I am not a very good mini photographer.












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I sculpted the ground, log, a couple of the plants, and some leaves. I did not sculpt the butterfly, the 2 little monsters, the skull, or the leaves that are painted with the pink and white accents. I sculpted the base of that plant and then stuck the leaves on. Oh, I also sculpted the cattails.


With the extra green stuff I made leaves and lily pads so if I or my friends need basing bits, I have some bits! I am going to get some green stuff and practice making a few more things. I am going to make some simple things to add to our weekly games and some bits for a diorama I am planning.


I have heard of another sculpting product I want to try but it is hard to find stuff in Australia.


Thank you for the kind words!

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Kudos on great flesh transitions (from green to soft orange underbelly) i try to do this, but can't ever make it look real, yours (or Robinh's now!) looks terrific


basing is masterful, more of a diorama than a mini especially love the little guy, like a puppy looking at the alpha male!

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Thank you guys! The flesh colors were just a lot of wet blending. The base....I was having way too much fun and stopped myself before I threw in too much! I did want a frog but didn't have a frog and couldn't sculpt a suitable tiny enough frog. (sad face) I will keep practicing.

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