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Space Cadets: Away Missions - Brain in a Jar

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Brains in a Jar from Stronghold Games "Space Cadets: Away Missions", a dungeon crawl style cooperative board game set in the classic sci-fi movies of the 50's and 60's.  


The original concept of the Brain in a Jar was, sadly, lacking a glass jar.  The final version is a two part mini with a removable "glass" top and it looks much better, even unpainted. 


NOTES:  I didn't paint directly underneath the brain because I was afraid the jar wouldn't fit back on or be able to be removed again if it did go back on.  However it is much more visible than I thought it would be and now I'm debating if I should try to fix it and risk messing up the brain or leave it as is.  Also, there is a painting error as I accidentally got some Beacon Yellow on the base of one of the brain cases.  

Thematic Paint used:  Braaaaiins pink, for the brains

Bonus thematic paint:  Beacon yellow, for the beacon





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Someone used resin to do just that and posted it on Board Game Geek.  I'm not currently planning on doing that but if the situation arises, I may give it a shot.  I will probably use some glossy sealer though to give the brains a bit of a shine.  

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What kind of brain in a jar comes without a JAR?

Fine work, though. I've made a couple of brains in jars... the tricky part is finding brains anywhere near the right scale... now I wanna look into this game you're talking about...

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You can check it out on BoardGameGeek.  They also have pictures there of the original Brain in a Jar mini.  The game was a Kickstarter so I have an early copy.  They are doing some sort of promotion in stores on October 17th so you may want to check with your FLGS to see if they are doing that.  I expect the game will be available retail around that time.  

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