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House Tabletop Opens "The Gameroom" Come on in and talk Gaming and Paint!

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Huzzah continued yesterday; Ross and I had another battle with the 40mm home cast soldiers:




Time for one more game today before heading home and bidding a fond farewell to Portland for another year.

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My older son was up for the weekend for a baking binge, but we found time to open the gaming table and lay out a quick 18th century game of Howard Whitehouse’s A Gentleman’s War using our imagi-nations 40mm troops this morning.


Here’s one closer shot, of my troops attacking toward the angled walls by the orchard:




I hope to get a write-up on my blog sometime relatively soon.


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Had our June Ghost Archipelago Campaign game and did a scenario entitled The Island of Floating Hulks, based on The Floating Hulk scenario which appeared in an old issue of Wargames Illustrated. Lots of crazy chaos dodging Talon Jacks and wind blasts from the opposing Warden. Full report and more photos to follow later this week.


Those eagle-eyed amongst you may spot a familiar barge as part of the Island of Hulks. ::):  Unfortunately I hadn't had time to completely finish painting it in time, but it was finished good enough to add to mix. 





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