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House Frogwarts: Modifiers' Mayhem - All are welcome.


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Frogwarts is my second favorite house.


Nothing under the spoiler tag is a stock model...





















Edited to repair tag that didn't work first time around. Nine models in Six images.

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***Walks in drinking a milkshake****


Hi all!!!


Nice place you've got here, reminds me  of the junkyard in my old place.


***finished milkshake, drops cup and straw on the floor,Frogwart's residents jump all over it to use it as conversion pieces***


Hmm... That's an odd place to put stairs, they lead to nowhere?

Why is there an anvil in that corner?


Odd Place..can I park some minis here for the time being?

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Hey Figmentius and Frogwarts folks,

Since we are all here, you Figmentius people gather up all the blister pack card board and plastics and bring them here, and then the Frogwarts people can work from our plans to build Procrastius a place of their own!

Yes, Yes, I know you will change them, just come to a consensus on how to do so soonTM.

If it takes you to long, you might end up involuntarily changing houses!




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