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House Procrastius Common Room - All are Welcome!


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The Head of the House is soo procastinating he doesn't even wears his badge yet.

Can't wear a badge.  Moderator badge trumps everything.



I know I was referring to your sig, the other Heads of Houses Have a double sign with Head of House between it. Look at Reaperbrian and Talespinner for instance.

But hey, it is totally in character to do that "later"

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Top Posters In This Topic

That and ehhh walls... I think there is a piece missing on the west side.

It's a pet door. For our house pet.


Why is it on the top of the wall?


The pet was given to us by Frogwarts. Can't tell you what it was originally, but it needed a trap door that high.


[Hits foot on something]


Ow! What's this brick still doing on the floor.

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Oh hey, I had a great idea for putting in a little coffee bar, right over there in the corner of the common room; OK, so I ordered a coffee maker, and I got a bunch of stuff on order to make the coffee bar, it's gonna be awesome, just when it gets in, I will totally put it together over there...or maybe over there...we'll figure it out, it'll get done, no worries.


Oh hey, donuts!

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Donuts? Where? Oh, on that bucket? Here, let me make up a make-shift table for you *puts board on bucket and fastens it down to prevent catastrophic donut-tipping if the board is jostled* There!


wait hold on, it needs something more......*makes the table taller with a box under hte bucket*


hm...still not good enough...ah! *removes donuts and varnishes the board*

and..and...oh wait! *puts some bricks in the box to weigh it down*



what we were talking about?

oh yea...donuts!

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