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77054 Galladon (Bones)


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This is Galladon the wizard.


When he was shipped to me, he was missing the left hand with staff so I dug through a friend's bits box and found a left hand.


Galladon gets to be a guinea pig. For the foreseeable future, all minis are going to be guinea pigs as I try out different techniques and skills on them. This lucky guy gets 2 brush blending, spell effect with lighting effect, and "magic writing". Oh, I am also planning a galaxy effect on his robe and hat. (Afterall, Reaper replaced him since he was handless so I have a second one as well!)


The two brush blending isn't showing super well yet in the pictures. Probably most noticeable at the moment on his beard. I have only been working on the shadowing of the rest of him and have not started adding the brighter highlight colors yet.


His eyes were a .... well, a bad word to try and get right. Tiny little squinty crazy eyes underneath a hat. Grrr!


So, here he is. I didn't take any pictures up to this point as I started him at "paint day" which wasn't at my house so he had to wait til we got home.







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I worked more on his blending and am pretty happy with it.


I did the galaxy design on his cloak and hat. Again, pretty happy with it. There are a couple mistakes that rally aren't fixable but I think they are at least disguised and lesson learned for next time.


Now, the trim on his cloak bottom and the trim on the sleeves of his robe.....not sure what to do that. Not sure what color I want to go with. I was thinking maybe a color and then some runes but he has enough going on I think that would be overkill. After all, I haven't even done the glowy hand effect trick yet! Ugh, wish me luck on that one.


Anyway, not sure if you can tell in the pictures but the cloak is actually darker than his robe. What color should the trims be? Should they have the same trims?


Input and comments appreciated!









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I've done a little bit of freehand here and there, but... Wow. Those colours in your galaxy are gorgeous.


The trim... Hrmm, I automatically lean towards some kind of gold, because purple/yellow are nicely contrasty... But with the stars and all, maybe something a bit softer would be appropriate. A blue-ish silver, perhaps. 

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Hmmm, maybe a light blue with a silver wash? Just enough to put a little sparkle on? That might work.


My daughter and I would paint our nails like a galaxy. I took the same method and tried it out to see how it would work. The sponge was a fail. Made too big of blotches. I got a frayed paintbrush, dipped it in the paint, tapped most of the paint off and then dabbed it on the cloak. Dab white first in the shape of your nebula. Then yellow towards the inner part of the white. Then a couple splotches of pink. Then green. Then blue. I then took a lighter purple than the cloak and did just the edges around the nebula to "blend" it in a little to the cloak. I then watered down a drop of silver paint...like really watery. Then I put a little dab over the galaxy, then licked my paint brush and rubbed it over the silver/galaxy to spread it very very thin and just make a little sparkle. I then used white to add varying sizes of dots for stars.


So yeah, I was pleased with the galaxy and looks impressive enough considering it is mostly just blotching paint on. Give it a try sometime! It's pretty fun. I think it would be good to try on a nice big billowing cloak because you could make a swirly nebula or different shapes.


Edit: Forgot to add, a friend suggested a way to add stars is to dip a toothbrush in the paint, then run your fingernail across the bristles causing the paint to spatter. If the paint wouldn't have gotten all over the parts of him that I didn't want stars, I may have tried it.

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Aye, that could work =] 


Ahh, thank you for explaining - I wouldn't have known where to even begin with such an effect. I may give it a punt when I'm next tackling something with a bit of nice smooth surface area, because it honestly looks amazeballs. 

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You can always check Youtube or Pinterest for Galaxy Nails. Find a design you like and they have a tutorial how to do it. That's how we learned to do our nails.


If you try it out, your frayed brush should have pretty stiff bristles. I used a dry brush that I never used for drybrushing because it was too "bushy".

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I'm terrible at actually remembering to use youtube for tutorials. Like, I know it's an amazing resource, I just... Forget, when I'm actually doing stuff, haha. 


I have a brush I've named Sad Albert, which... Yeah. It's had an unfortunate and short life xD but it should be fairly suited to this. 

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I did a lavender on the trim. I then used violet and deep purple for the shadows on the trim and a pink for the highlight. I then did a purple ink over to blend it all together. I used gold for the thinnest trim and I think that made everything pop.


Then I started his glowy hand. He is chanting a spell and making writing appear on the scroll. I can see from the pictures a few places I need to touch up a bit. This is my first ever "glow" effect and I don't think it looks too bad.


C&C welcome!









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Ok, I added the magic writing. It is supposed to look like the runes are magically appearing on the parchment as he chants.


I think the runes look ok. I do think the last one looks like it is in the middle of appearing. Just not sure I pulled off the effect. Should I add a little "glow" around the runes or would that muddy it up?


My questions are, did I get the lighting effect right from his hand and do the runes look like they are magically writing themselves?







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Awesome wizard. I love the color choices and the osl on his hand. The runes look great but I would not have guessed the story of them being cast and just appearing if you hadn't told me. They look wonderful though, but to me it looks more like the scroll is a written spell that he is casting at something off scene.


I look forward to seeing him finished.

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