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Working at this guy...getting kind of frustrated with him, so thought I'd post for opinions


i'm going for a grungy, 'just got out of the grave' dirty look for him. He will have trees growing out of his back. Going to add more roots in his ribcage


his base is in the mail and should be in soon



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I like the tree idea--maybe have the top out of his back as it is, and the rest of the broken-off trunk from his chest?  You could glue some actual dirt (well, sand more likely) to parts of him and paint it as grave earth--even push in a chunk of static grass here and there as though he really ripped up the turf clawing out of his interrupted slumber.  Yes....::goes and adds dirt to all skeletons....::

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I don't like how the fabric bits look from the back view, though I don't think it's your paint job.  Not sure if it's just me and my personal taste, but it just looks off somehow.  Don't know how hard it would be, but I might would try to cut off everything you have in the kind of faded red color.  It throws off the symmetry somehow I think.

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Awesomesauce. I recently added a whole bunch of roots, dirt and ivy to some of my own skellies for a fresh-out-of-the-grave look, but trees is a whole 'nother monster!


That's an idea worth stealing! (If you don't mind.)  :;):



sure sure i don't mind


he'll definitely have roots coming out of his chest, perhaps bigger ones from under hte rib cage


the grass tufts is a good idea!


I'll wait to cut anything off until i get him situated on a base so i can see how he looks properly set up with the bits that will be going in around him.

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If he's  fresh from the grave, he would have grass and dirt stuck to him.


Maybe paint some parts of him in a darker brown, some greys and greens where the moss, dirt and earth has stained his bones.


I use tea leaves for my Undead bases, just open a few different flavoured tea bags and you have some nice brown/black litter.

Maybe stick some on him?

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Instead of sand, use an Earth tone flock for the dirt on the skelly. It has a finer texture, and would be something you added after painting. You could put some on where you think you want it and see. if you don't like it, dump it off until you find one you do like, then put down your glue and flock....


I keep seeing some kind of insect coming out of the dirt somewhere on this.... Maybe from a mouth or eye.... Centipede, ant, beetle....


And I agree with Matbar on this:

"I might would try to cut off everything you have in the kind of faded red color.  It throws off the symmetry somehow I think."


They look kind of like coils of intestine at the moment....


Have fun painting it.





PS Good technique there! When it isn't fun or is overly frustrating, walk away for a while.... (I think every mini has a certain bit of frustration built in....)

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My biggest concern with cutting them is that they form a point of stability for the giant's wide spread stance. His legs are spindly and that sword is heavy. I am worried if I remove it, he might not stand properly once based, and I am unsure if I can fix it if that happens


I can try to paint them a different color

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Ya know, darkening up the rest of the model and putting him on the base helped balance it out a good deal.  He's looking pretty fine!  I love that pack 'o pumpkins that you're putting on the base.  I found some in the melt bin this year *boggle*

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