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Static Grass, Flock & Tufts- My thoughts on how to use them. Re basing a Ral Partha Displacer Beast.(Pic Heavy)

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Static grass is made from the same fiber as many costume wigs. I believe it is largely a modacrylic, specifically Kanekalon.

Thanks Pingo!


Really had no clue what the stuff is made out of, or what makes the stuff work....

Just glad it does!


That sounds like a good name for a villain for some reason..




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I use a lot of those things.


I would like to point out that there are many options for using every day items for basing.


My Undead bases are usually done with a mix of green sand and different variants of Tea and Herbs.

Very little twigs and pebbles make nice additions too.

Coffee is an option too.


Look at aquarium bits and stuff people use for making flower arrangements. Lots of useful stuff there too and often cheaper then specially made wargame stuff.

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Great comparison of products, thank you for the time put in on that.  I have some static grass that was bequeathed to me, though I haven't fooled with it much.  Back a bajillion years ago the going thing was coffee grounds to simulate dirt or gravelly bases, which is plenty sufficient for some of the Bloodbowl silliness I've worked on.  Your military guys scenes are amazing!

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