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Super Dungeon Legends


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Campaign link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sodapopminiatures/super-dungeon-explore-legends


It looks like Soda Pop and Ninja Division will be bringing us more chibi RPG goodness in October.


I'll post a link to the Kickstarter as soon as it's live.


I wasn't sure if it was ok to link to the updates on the SodaPop page, so I'll do my best to copy the info below. If one of the mods oks me linking to the posts, I'll do that too.


What we know so far:


The Kickstarter will feature three brand new products in a single pledge: Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition, The Midnight Tower level expansion, and Super Dungeon Legends boxed set.


Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition, brings players the rules from the Forgotten King expansion, in an all new affordable boxset. The ruleset has been updated to include all of the errata and clarifications from the last year of player feedback, and will continue to be fully playable with all existing cards. Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition, features new sculpts of the nine classic Heroes, all new kobolds, drakes, Rex the kobold ogre, and Starfire the Ruby Dragon. The classic Dragonback Peaks tiles have been updated and reimagined, featuring all new art, to bring them in line with other 2nd Edition tilesets from Forgotten King, Von Drakk Ghost House, and Dungeons of Crystalia. To further increase replayability, all monsters come with multiple profiles. Battle shadow kobolds from the depths of the Nether Rifts, elemental drakes from the Fire Flows, a mighty armored kobold ogre, among others!


The Midnight Tower level expansion reveals the dreaded armies of The Midnight Queen. Armies of baroque-armored Nether Elves issue forth from the corrupted Tower of the Goddess. Within their ranks, cursed Spider Speakers summon scuttling hordes of spiders, spinning webs of shadow and poisoning their foes. Alongside them march powerful Knights of the Tower on spectral steeds, while Tower Stalkers lurk in the shadows weakening the mightiest Heroes, before their fellows strike the final blow. Three new Heroes take up the call to adventure: the rugged Hearthsworn Tincan, sneaky Cat Burglar, and brutal Riftling Warrior.


More on Midnight Tower: (from update 2)


In your games of Super Dungeon, the nether elves are a cohesive fighting force which use stealth to augment their attacks and force Heroes to close in to engage. All nether elves possess the signature ability Dread, which augments their offensive capabilities when they are benefitting from Stealth. Unsurprisingly, several key nether elf models, including their spawning point, possess the ability to generate auras of Stealth. The Midnight Tower includes two spawning points of nether elves, each consisting of a Tower Stalker which can teleport into other models’ shadows and deliver debilitating status effects, Tower Arbalists whose bolts chill the very soul, and Tower Blackblades whose martial discipline ensures their fellow Nether Elves are always in the proper position.


Some elves developed the gift to communicate with the demonic spiders which lurked in the Dark Realm. These Spider Speakers spawn swarms of poisonous spiders into battle alongside the nether elves. Key among the abilities of the spiders is the capability to weave webs which create difficult terrain hazards, allowing the Consul to control the dungeon in an all new and dynamic way. The sneaky Shadow Spinners can even weave webs of pure shadow, granting stealth and perfectly synergizing with their nether elf allies.


Should the Heroes make it through these devilish minions they must face The Midnight Queen. A cunning illusionist and powerful mage, The Midnight Queen is a powerful foe in her own right. Yet, Heroes never face The Midnight Queen alone, for she is protected by a magical guardian, Daemonus, who attacks any who come near and defends her with its life.


Of course no Level Box is complete without three mighty Heroes. The Midnight Tower introduces the Hearthsworn Tincan, Riftling Warrior, and Cat Burglar. The Tincan is melee fighter focusing on crowd control. Able to gain the ability Grabby, the Tincan can pull foes in close and prevent them from moving away. Whereas the Tincan focuses on defense and board control, the Riftling Warrior is all about damage. With a powerful charge action which grants extra movement after a Lance action, and the ability to generate blue dice (and thus Hearts) on a never before seen scale, the Riftling Warrior punishes any who stand in his way. The Cat Burglar specializes in fast movement and treasure acquisition. Be careful though, when she gets cornered she can throw a flurry of daggers which poison anyone they strike!


The Midnight Tower is only the beginning of our journey in the Nether Rifts. It provides a first glimpse at the true might of the Dark Consul, and establishes a rich source of monsters for your games of Super Dungeon Explore and a wonderful realm of adventure and storytelling for your games of Legends. With your help we plan to reveal many additional horrors spawned from the Dark Realms.


New warbands!: (from update 3)


The Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter is aimed at both new players and veterans alike. Our Explorer Pledge introduces Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition along with The Midnight Tower and Super Dungeon Legends. For veterans who don’t want to pick up 2nd Edition, we have the Dark Consul Pledge which swaps out 2nd Edition for two brand new warbands—Frostbyte Ravagers and Crown Guard.



For a long time we avoided bringing the classic fantasy race of orcs to Super Dungeon. While we’ve alway loved the historical place orcs have in fantasy, we really wanted to first establish Crystalia without them, to prevent them from becoming the “default†monster race for the game. But we always knew that we would want to visit this brutish race eventually, and Legends presents a fine opportunity.


Orcs are shock troops of the Dark Consul; hardy, brutish, and only crudely intelligent. They’re also a mystery. The orcs in the Dark Realm have a culture that’s way too sophisticated for how simple they are. They believe their gods reward valorous and brave deeds and that these gods selected the hereditary chieftains to lead the various tribes to glory in battle. The chiefs pledge service to various demon lords, whom they say are the gods’ children, but none of their skalds’ songs connect the demons and the gods. The orcs living in the Frostbyte Reach are smarter, less aggressive (though they’re still really aggressive), but keep most of the culture. They claim that their race was lured to the Dark Realm by the demons, who clouded their minds, changed their legends, and corrupted their beliefs to enslave the orcs. No one knows the truth, of course, but stranger things have happened.


The Frostbyte Ravager Warband includes two spawning points of brutal, offense oriented orcs, the berserker Rage Fiend mini-boss who drives the orcs into a further frenzy of violence, and the human Lightning Mage whose crackling blasts of electricity arc from foe to foe.



The Crown Guard warband is unique among other “monsters†that we have released in that it is ostensibly a good warband. The Legends presents a vast number of opportunities for adventure, and there are few adventuring parties in any story which have not had an unfortunate run-in with the local authorities. The Crown Guard Warband presents many gaming opportunities, beyond a simple altercation with authority. They can represent corrupted humans who have joined the cause of the Dark Consul. Or, in a more sinister turn, they can be the adversaries of a party of Dark Heroes rampaging their way through Crystalia upon a quest for power.


The Crown Guard warband includes two spawning points of disciplined defenders of order, a mighty mounted Royal Knight mini-boss who charges across the dungeon, and a Crook-Eye Tracker orc Hero who marks his target before bringing them down with a deadly crossbow bolt.


Of course, we recognize that there are many true completionists out there who will want both the warbands and 2nd Edition. So we will have a third, Legendary pledge, to sate your ravenous chibi hunger!


Overall, I'm really excited! Orcs, fighters, dark elves, and more is on it's way.


So far the renders for the Tin Can, Lightning Mage, Cat Burglar, and resculpted Barbarian have been previewed. Concepts for the Orcs and Royal Guards have also been shown.


Unfortunately I'll need to wait until I get home to try to link to pictures.

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Have they even brought everything from the last KS yet to retail?


Not that I don't believe they'll fulfill of course.

Honestly, I'm not sure. I think Goro, maybe two of the warbands (Emerald Valley and Claws of the Wyrm?), and a single hero (wolf rider) are all that's left for general release.


Also, the witch queen expansion goes live (not their name for it, but it has the witch mini boss in the cat drawn pumpkin carrage, ghosts, and a scarecrow hero.) this month. Whether or not it's part if the Kickstarter is not clear to me.

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Here goes for attaching pictures of what we have seen so far!



This is the TinCan from the Midnight Tower expansion



Also from Midnight Tower, the Cat Burglar



The last Midnight Tower Hero - The Riftling Warrior



A resculpt of the Claw Tribe Barbarian from the new box set.



Resculpt of the Ember Mage



Royal Paladin Resculpt



Hexcast Sorceress Resculpt (this one is AWESOME!)



Resculpted Hearthsworn Fighter



Resculpted Glimmerdusk Ranger.



Starfire redux!


The Lightning Mage from the Frostbyte Ravagers Warband box.



Crown Guards and Crook Eyed Tracker



Princess Amythest


Concepts for the Crownguard and Frostbyte Orcs.



SDE 2.0



Artwork for one of the Neither Elves. 

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I just keep buying these things. I ran a couple of Forgotten King games for my kids and a couple of their friends over the summer and they loved it. Also, the minis are crazy fun to paint. I don't need the 2nd edition game (I have the original so painting up a whole new set of kobolds would be daunting).


I really hope they offer the updated rulebook as an add-on. If they make us buy a whole new version of the game just to get a clear and errata free print copy of the rules I'm going to be miffed. The upgrade deck was such a terrific way to let original game players update their models. Lets see if they throw a bone to their long time players with the rulebook. The Forgotten King rules desperately needed to be rewritten. As long as we aren't forced to pay $80-100 to get it it'll be sweet.

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I just keep buying these things. I ran a couple of Forgotten King games for my kids and a couple of their friends over the summer and they loved it. Also, the minis are crazy fun to paint. I don't need the 2nd edition game (I have the original so painting up a whole new set of kobolds would be daunting).

I haven't painted my kobolds....yet. I also have two starter sets worth of them. The new ones have new sculpts, so I think I might wait on kobolds for a while!

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Now looks to be postponed to November...

What?! No! I want to throw money at it now!


Sigh. I keep holding off buying SDE, have been meaning to pick it up for years now...I guess another month will be ok...but I want adorable kobolds! (I mean, all kobolds are adorable. But SDE kobolds are SUPER adorable!)

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SDE is currently $50 on Amazon from third party sellers (fulfilled by Amazon). I purchased a copy for extra dice, variant monsters, and what not. My copy consists of non-assembled miniature parts. Still going to pledge for the core game in this project though.

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