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Super Dungeon Legends


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I hated the game play from the first SDE.

The last few stand alone SDE minis I have acquired have had really poor detail on the bodies

I'm going to have to watch this one and decide since I would be getting it for minis and nothing else.

I didn't mind it. It wasn't super fluid, but it was alright. Then again I don't know how they changed it between sde, and sde: forgotten king

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Well, not really all that exciting so far. Gonna see what unlocks.


Not that exciting as in, I have the first game so resculpts aren't super interesting. I wish they showed more from the not Drow spider tower. I think that will be the one I really like :)


FUNDED! In under 15 minutes lol.

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Hmm, can't say I care for the monster resculpts, just not as cute as the originals.  Also I still think the lizard-style kobolds were a missed opportunity, since puppy-style kobolds have far greater potential for SD-cuteness.


The heroes are definitely cool though.  Especially the bear, which is a huge improvement over the original model that just didn't fit together or look right.


Too bad a company named Soda Pop Miniatures won't offer a miniatures-only pledge.

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