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Burrowing Horror - My First Bones Mini


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Love the color and your painting of the model overall.  To be honest, I had no idea that model had a smile like that, nor the rear "vent" behind the raised back spine(?), so my hat's off to you.  Your description has given me an idea how I'd paint one if I ever got one.

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Welcome to our Asylum away from home!

Feel free to ask questions, someone around here will know the answer, or at least point you somewhere you can get an answer!

Post more of your work as you do it!

Do a Work In Progress! People love to comment on what you are doing, and asking questions while you are doing it is the best way to improve your painting! Gods Below know It helps me! 

Taking pictures while you work can also show you things you didn't notice while painting.

The Shutterbug forum will help you take better pics....

What do you sculpt? if I may ask?

There is a Sculpting forum as well....


Most importantly, Have Fun painting!


And don't mind the silliness that goes on around here....




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Hey Everyone,


Thanks for the warm welcome! This critter was definitely a fun one to start on. I just finished up my take on the Dragon Turtle the other day-- another really fun one-- so I'll post that soon.


@Knarthex, I sculpt a variety of miniature-related stuff in different media; primarily terrain nowadays. I'm the guy behind Griffin Tamer Studio, if you've ever heard of that, and I also work with Dwarven Forge. 


@Vegascat, yeah, the vent behind the 'fin' on the critter is an interesting detail. Maybe a sort of gill so it can breath air while still mostly submerged in loose earth? Certainly a weak spot to be exploited by PCs who are paying attention...

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