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Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave


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In addition to Frostgrave, I've picked up a PDF of the rules to Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. It's a rule set based on the action: engine from Crooked Dice. It's a rules set that is fairly popular in 7TV and 7th Voyage.


Like Frostgrave, OFS uses wandering monsters. OFS has a larger bestiary that is chock full of AD&D monsters. Unlike Frostgrave, the monsters are controlled by one of the players instead of being aggressive to all players.


Attacker vs Defender: it is a 2-player setup where one side is designated the Attacker and the other is the Defender. That can be a group of Adventurers (attacker) invading a dungeon full of monsters (defender), a band of Orcs attacking an Elven village, or any scenario you can imagine. Yes, one player can be the big, bad monsters.


It uses opposed rolls and alternating activations. D6 rather than D20, for those that believe D20 is too granular.


You can use gridded tiles rather than a tape measure.


No campaign system. No XP and loot to improve your heroes or villains between sessions.


1v1 setup that doesn't lend itself to multiplayer easily. To be fair, most fantasy skirmish games have this limitation, Frostgrave being an exception due to the treasure taking goals.


No fluff. You can write your own world, but there's something about Frostgrave's frozen city that sucks you in.


In all, this game has a lot of merit. I can see it getting playing time. And, possibly Frostgrave will wear off the newness faster than OFS and OFS will stand the test of replayability longer.


I know I'll play both. I love this era in gaming, with the great skirmish rules being made "for any figures". 

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I like the whole campaign aspect of Frostgrave. That's one of the things that really drew me in. Otherwise, it's just a board game...


As for the fluff, there's little that I see in Frostgrave that'll prevent me from playing in Mordheim or in Undermountain...


Do you think that gridded tiles are a better feature than tape measure?

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I'm quite enjoying Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. I think the best way to describe it is giving you the ability to play out all those D&D conflicts that was occurring between NPC's when the player characters showed up. Like, the battle between the drow slavers and the caravan guards, or the orcs and the hobgoblins fighting for control of the caves of chaos, or whatever. If you like that kind of thing, OFS is your game. The other thing I like about it is you can build into practically any reaper character figure. Monster figures are a little more challenging if they don't already exist in the minion manual. Finally, I quite like the execution of traps and treasure.


Frostgrave I haven't played, but I chose OFS because Frostgrave appeared very specific.

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Well, a lot of people compare Frostgrave to Mordheim. In the same vein you could compare OFS to Descent. It's a dungeon crawler/RPG/tabletop mashup. It seriously needs some campaign mechanics to take it over the top.


@SgtHulka, the only real specific in Frostgrave is that the Wizard is the Hero and the rest of the party is supporting cast. The fluff is just enough to highlight the game play possibilities and get your imagination primed. It would be easy to change the setting to any recently discovered ancient magical treasure trove.


As I said, I plan to play both. Each of them scratch different itches for me. And both of them allow me to use a lot of mini's from no-longer-played games.

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Finally got a o play Otherworld and it didn't disappoint. We got to grips with the game mechanics quickly and by the third round the game was flowing nicely. I had my monster Warband led by a sinister sorcerer against a Pig Ork group, which had an ogre and rust monster along with them.

I won, but mainly because my opponent had some horrendous dice rolls. My Frost Giant ripped into them but survived unscathed as they never brought their numbers to bare on him.

I found that the tome of truth magic item was invaluable as it allowed an extra two activations, so I could keep the pressure on throughout the game.

Looking forward to my next game, will try and get some missile troops included for my next game as well as making up an undead Warband, too many lovely undead figures around not to.

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