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Fat Dragon DragonLock 3D printer terrain - 10/6


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Live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/dragonlocktm-28mm-scale-dungeon-gaming-terrain

Next Tuesday, Oct. 6th, we are launching a new Kickstarter to expand Fat Dragon Games. This KS is to fund additional digital sculptors for an all-new product line that will be a separate section of our company... digital 3D printer terrain! This new system features interlocking pieces that can then be stacked to create multi-level layouts, all printed at home on your 3D printer.





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And I was just telling my wife that except for the outpost terrain KS and BattleMech KS, October would be a quiet month ...


Edit: Ah ... it WILL be a quiet month ... I don't have a 3d printer and the shops in my area charge an arm and a leg to print things.

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I have a powerspec 3d pro. The 3d printer plastic filament is $20/kg at a national chain.

The cost of plastic is very small and even amortizing in costs for the printer and time each of the pieces is fairly cheap.

If they're making the result public domain I'd be more interested.

That said...

It's not really that difficult to model these and there are already free versions similar to this available for download.

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I have a degree in art, I have even done 3D modeling. I am in no way interested in modeling up my own pieces. 


But it's good to know that the materials that go into the printer is fairly cheap. I'm just under the impression that to get a printer where the layers aren't visible is still cost prohibitive. My OCD would notice the layers.





Also based on my experience with paper terrain, there are free things available out there... but no where near the quality Tom provides. Maybe it's the art degree again, but I'm kinda picky, and stuff has to look good for me to want it on my gaming table. Otherwise why bother?

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Why pay for shipping from China when you can make it local for almost as cheap?


And I certainly hope manufacturing goes more along this lines. Husband thinks it will completely transform everything. I'm not so sure. There is always a demand for convenience. And that convenience is not having to make it or paint it yourself (for example). 


But I do think he is correct that this technology will likely transform the Miniature hobby, where people are already used to doing some of the work ourselves. 

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The question is ... how long into the future will that happen? How long will it take before you can print miniatures at home at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time that have the detail of good resin miniatures? How long before 3d printers of a certain quality are cheap enough to consider getting one where I live ...?


And of course: To really pass a verdict, you'd have to calculate the time you must spend on printing the things yourself into the equation.

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